Yul Edochie and second wife, Judy engage in heated argument, vow to expose each other on social media

Controversial Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, got everyone talking after he shared a video that showed him and his second wife, Judy, engaged in a new controversy.

In the video shared on Yul’s Facebook page, Judy is seen confronting her husband about an earlier video of them that he shared on the platform.

You will remember that Yul previously posted a video of him and Judy arguing in their house.

In the video, Judy and Yul can be heard arguing about how a friend borrowed Yul’s car, having an accident while driving without notifying the actor.

However, in the new video, Judy punishes her husband for posting a video of their previous exchange.

She also threatened to shock Yul by posting a new video in retaliation (this one seems to be) with a gruesome caption.

For her part, Yul can be heard saying that she has no right to post on his site without his permission, but Judy firmly disagrees.

“You have no right to post anything on my social media without telling me.” I said.

“There are a lot of things people don’t know about you, and I’ll bring them up. I am fed up. I’m going to do something drastic that you won’t like. You can’t give me a headache and look forward to resting. You will see what I will bring out, Judy answered.

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The video was shared on Yul’s Facebook page with the caption, “Since Yul Edochie decided to embarrass me by posting a video I took with my phone on the internet without my consent, I will shock him. Now the game has begun.”

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