“You refused to wash plates”

A video on TikTok shows a woman deciding to serve jollof rice wrapped in banana leaves to her brother. The video posted by @de_ouse shows that the young man has no choice but to eat rice wrapped in leaves.

The video is 4 minutes and 8 seconds long. A woman named Chidimma reveals that her brothers don’t like to wash dishes.

Four adult men were asked to go to the kitchen and get their food, and they discovered rice on the washing machine.

Chidimma served each person food on freshly picked banana leaves as punishment for not washing the dishes.

The young men grumbled but still ate while being told to wash the leaves and keep them. The video sparked a reaction when other women said they would copy Chidimma’s methods.

Watch Video below:


TikTok users react to food served in banana leaves

@Ada Anaedo said: “I didn’t learn from Chidinma like this.”

@user2681480566309 reacted: “This house fits the obvious depression.”

@simplytife12 commented: “It reminds me of when my mom served me and my sisters food in plastic bags because we were fighting over who would wash the dishes.”

@Rodn3y junior said: “The best revenge is in the leaves.”

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