“You can have her for a night” – Man gives wife to stranger for $110k (Video below)

A man has gone viral on the internet after he offered his wife a night to a stranger for $110,000.

The stranger walked up to them in a video clip, asking to share a bed with his wife.

The man initially declined when it was only $100,000 but the stranger offered a box of $110,000 and the offer became irresistible.

After discussing with his wife whether to accept the offer or not, the man gave in and gave his wife to a stranger for the night.

The video has received mixed reactions from netizens.

Pengmanofficial said: “The relationship is over. Cheap husband, cheap wife. But na woman lost through.

PrinceAbbey responded: “Oh no, that guy’s not a man.”

Nathan_oji commented: “I was angry at first because he was even meant to be entertaining and disrespectful but when she said ‘It was my call honey, I say go, I say that word. , I know both were the result of a failed sexual experiment. .
If only they knew about the ritual of money, they would have taken advantage of each other since then.”

“A lot of couples do it for less,” says Olamzzzz. Contract, Job opportunity, Debt repayment, Travel opportunity (including Japan) Protection. It seems appealing here because this is social media.”

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Dammy_drey_ reacted: “No, I always talk. If they ask you to do something for money and the money is right in front of you (cash), think twice walahi. If the guy asked the question without showing him material money, he would have said NO.”

IamSeanBreezy said: “It’s funny, these are everyday things in real life, women leave men for lower prices, omo see trust, I go collect am oo coz even if I don’t , she will still find men and do it behind my back, 100grand + 10 is good business.

Fudylee said: “I would tell my woman I disagree, then ask her if she agreed, I would even tell her I would follow her own decision. . As a woman she went to greet me at 8 am I went to collect the money she did not come to see me. Sope otilo.”

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