Woman welcomes a set of twins 20 years after birthing her first child (Video below)

A young Nigerian woman rejoiced on social media after their family added a new member after 20 years as an only child.

She revealed that her mother gave birth to twins and it will come two decades after she gives birth to her first child.

The daughter gives glory to God for giving her brothers and sisters and blesses her parents with more children.

She shared a video from the maternity photo session, to her mother giving birth to cute babies.

“POV: My mother gave birth to twins after 20 years as an only child. God did it.” girl writes.

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Social media users celebrated with the family and wished the children would grow up to bring them joy.

cici__mercy1010; Well congrats 👏 those kids are yours my brother and I have a 19 year age gap 🙌 I was 24 when I got married and I took him with me😂 his first son now 😂 he calls me MOTHER 😍 and I’m always great for that🙏

Style of life; Lowkey na she gave birth to those babies because oo coz na she trained them… speaking from experience

decorative accessories; The 20-year age gap is ridiculous. Happy family 🙏🏽 Surely they will have 2 mothers.

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jane_u.che; Those children are yours, when my mother gave birth to our last child 16 years apart, I started being a mother at that age. She would drop her into my room with her food, run into her room and lock the door saying she wanted to sleep. When she started kindergarten, I would drop her off at daycare, pick her up, give her a bath and everything. We are very close now. She is my best friend. Watching her when I was sick, she started panicking. She is my everything at the moment. Seeing her grow up has been a blessing.

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