“Why marriages don’t last these days” – Apostle Johnson Suleman reveals

Omega Fire Department Superintendent, Apostle Johnson Suleman shared why most marriages don’t last.

The apostle Johnson Suleman explains why marriages today are more fragile than those of the past.

While preaching in his church, the man of God revealed that many marriages fall apart because of excessive use of social media platforms.

According to the Apostle Suleman, most young people depend on the advice they receive from social media and what they see online to manage their marriages. In addition, they have completely ignored advice from the elders.

“The problem with Africa, Europe and America is that technology makes us feel too independent. That’s why marriages don’t last again,” he say.

The Apostle Johnson Suleman has said that in the past before a woman or a man married in a family, both families would conduct appropriate investigations to determine if their children would end up married. Kiss the family. But now, due to many changes, most of these behaviors are ignored by young people.

“When you go to your father and you want to get married, they check on the girl. They will do a thorough investigation. They’ll check on her father’s side. They’ll check on his mother’s side. They will check how their family is. Then they’ll say ‘My son, you can’t marry that girl.’ And you will agree, he say.

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He added that most marriages don’t last because no other checks are done before organizing the marriage between the parties.

“In those days, marriages lasted 50 years. During the time of love, during the time of love, marriage cannot last for 3 years. he lamented.

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