“Why Hilda Baci’s verified record time is 93 hours 11 minutes” – Guinness World Records reveals

Guinness World Records has officially confirmed Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, as the record holder for the longest cooking time by an individual.

The 26-year-old chef from Akwa Ibom state started the non-stop cooking race in May 2023, cooking a total of 100 hours. This number surpassed the previous record held by Indian chef Lata Tondon, who cooked for 87 hours and 45 minutes.

However, after a thorough review of the evidence, Guinness World Records adjusted Hilda’s record time to 93 hours and 11 minutes, minus about 7 hours from her original claim.

According to GWR, this adjustment was made because Hilda mistakenly took a few extra minutes in one of her breaks early in the effort.

“However, anyone trying to set a marathon record will get a five-minute break for every hour they complete. This was to allow participants to take appropriate breaks due to the lengthy nature of these recordings.

“In this case, there was a miscalculation when it came to Hilda’s rest period, meaning we were unable to award the requested 100 hours.”

“Now I can announce with a time of 93 hours and 11 minutes, Hilda Baci is the new holder of the Guinness World Record title for the longest cooking marathon. Congratulations, you are officially awesome, a GWR representative said in a video posted online.

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