“Who say village people are not real?” – Reactions as thief gets caught stealing in military barracks

Drama takes place at a military barracks when a thief suspected of bypassing security forces is caught in the act of robbery.

A video emerged on social media showing soldiers chasing the thief away after his robbery was uncovered.

Residents of the barracks expressed skepticism that someone would be bold enough to enter the barracks and attempt to rob the homes of military officers.

Social media users were equally surprised and delighted by what happened, with some praising his bravery while others said he wanted to die.

In reaction,

i_am_national write; Even Erekere is not suitable, try this, you do

eleniyan_dontee; Who said the villagers are not real?? Not the naked eye Na some kind of powerful spell dem dem on him.. Eyin maami e forgive wa oo

yomightyofficial_; Bottle seen when they finally arrived because there was nothing anyone wanted to tell me in the barracks by any means to steal the bottle

gbejoo; It’s fine if you go outside to steal soldiers, but you’re going to take soldiers back to the barracks, so do you want to make the GOC talk? Brother, it’s gone, there’s no trace

Pvbloo_efe22; Please crown me, na real idan

emperorjahgo; From my first sight, I thought say na Erekere but God save him

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official_atukpa; Someone said there is a mind and a wish to die.. this is clearly a death wish come true

ca__sa__nova; Baba dat juju wey u give me no work oo

haybadboi3390; Idan no dey rob anyway, Idan dey army rob

deji_hice; The villagers finally get the Idan

official_kingzima; Having a mind and a wish to die

hero_jooshua; He for his sake, he committed all his sins so that baba God forgive him. Because you go stealing inside the Barracks. Inside the barracks. If it wasn’t for Colos, I don’t understand what happened to them. It can never be hungry because you see the restaurants there you don’t go there and the barracks you go.

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