Who Does Noah Gragson Drive For?

Who Does Noah Gragson Drive For? In the world of NASCAR, drivers race around tracks in powerful cars, aiming for victory. However, sometimes things happen that lead to consequences for the drivers. One such incident involves a young driver named Noah Gragson, who recently got suspended. Let’s find out why and what it means for him.

Who is Noah Gragson?

Noah Gragson is a 25-year-old race car driver who competes in the prestigious Cup Series. He drives for a team called Legacy Motor Club, which is owned by NASCAR legends Jimmie Johnson and Richard Petty.

The Suspension

Unfortunately, Noah Gragson recently found himself in trouble, and his team, Legacy Motor Club, decided to suspend him. This means he won’t be able to race in an upcoming Cup Series event.

Why was Gragson Suspended?

The exact reason for Noah Gragson’s suspension is not entirely clear, but there are reports that he did something on social media that upset many people. Specifically, he liked a meme related to George Floyd, who was a person known for his tragic death in 2020, which led to protests across the country.

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Who Does Noah Gragson Drive For?

When Legacy Motor Club decided to suspend Noah Gragson, NASCAR, the organization that oversees the sport, also backed their decision. They stated that Gragson’s actions violated the rules set forth in the NASCAR Rule Book, resulting in an indefinite suspension.

After news of his suspension spread, Noah Gragson expressed his regret on Twitter. He admitted that he made a mistake and didn’t pay enough attention to his actions on social media. Gragson mentioned that he treats everyone equally and takes responsibility for his error.

In place of Noah Gragson, Legacy Motor Club has chosen Josh Berry to drive the No. 42 car for the upcoming race. Berry is an experienced driver who has substituted for other drivers in the past.

Josh Berry drives for Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Xfinity Series team, and he has shown great talent and potential. Earlier this year, he finished second in a race at Richmond Raceway.

Looking ahead, Josh Berry has exciting plans. He will be driving a Ford in the Cup Series starting in 2024 for Stewart-Haas Racing, taking over the seat of the retiring Kevin Harvick.


In conclusion, Noah Gragson’s suspension from NASCAR is a significant event that has repercussions for both him and his team. It serves as a reminder that actions, even on social media, can have consequences. Let’s hope Gragson learns from this experience and returns to the track with a newfound understanding of the impact of his choices.

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  1. What is NASCAR? NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It’s a popular motorsport in which drivers race stock cars on oval tracks.
  2. Who owns Legacy Motor Club? Legacy Motor Club is owned by two NASCAR legends, Jimmie Johnson and Richard Petty.
  3. What did Noah Gragson do on social media? Noah Gragson liked a meme related to George Floyd, which caused controversy and led to his suspension.
  4. Who will replace Noah Gragson in the upcoming race? Josh Berry, an experienced driver, will take over Noah Gragson’s car for the race.
  5. What are Josh Berry’s future plans? Josh Berry will be driving a Ford for Stewart-Haas Racing in the Cup Series starting in 2024, replacing Kevin Harvick.

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