Weeks after BBL surgery, man beats wife to death for not having a son

A man named Ndubuisi has been accused of beating his wife Chiamaka Okafor to death.

From online reports, it is gathered that the incident happened on Thursday, June 8 after she had a surgical procedure to improve her body.

Weeks after BBL surgery, man beat his wife to death because he didn’t have a son

According to reports, she underwent a Brazilian breast augmentation (BBL) before her death.

Sources also revealed that she has been constantly abused by her husband since they got married in 2018.

The couple had two daughters, but Ndubuisi allegedly wanted a son and pressured Chiamaka to abort their daughter while she was pregnant. Chiamaka did the BBL procedure to make her husband happy.

According to the source, Ndubuisi beat Chiamaka, left her at the hospital, and didn’t come until she was taken to the morgue late at night, after her death.

According to reports, Chiamaka’s family advised her to end the marriage because Ndubuisi had abused her, but she refused.

@debss_ reacted: “I don’t feel any sympathy for her. People beg you to leave and you still refuse.

@babajideedges1 said: “Beauty is gone! Destiny is gone! Buy back the body! Everything under 6 ft is now and is now material for blogs to enjoy. Listen! Whether you’re crying inside your Benz or Keke right now, know that anything that brings tears and terror to your married life will always only bring you closer to avoidable death. RUN NOW!”

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