“Village people” – Man who made video about making N57k per hour in UK gets sack letter (Video below)

A young Nigerian (@equation_mic) who made a video a few days ago about earning £100 an hour in the UK taking care of a cat received a dismissal letter from his boss.

In his old video, he said that he believed cats were witches when he was in Nigeria, and because of that, he killed a lot of cats.

He added that now that he is abroad, his full-time job is looking after a cat and is paid £100 (N57,414.97) per hour.

In his latest video, the same Nigerian man lamented after his previous clip was re-shared on social media and went viral. He said his boss saw it and fired him out of fear that he might harm his cat.

The Nigerians who rushed to his comments said that sometimes it is better to be quiet and speak less abroad.

Watch Video below:


Edujandon.com has compiled some of the reactions from his video and a clip re-shared by Gistlover below:

“I’m sure they have the spirit of getting Nigerians in the UK to shoot video continuously because it’s a bit confusing,” Tempo said. God is your strength, man.

Only1God says: “Good for you, learn to keep your phone when you get there in the UK.”

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mcwiseman said: “It’s like a talk, everything is a video for one person.”

Eries Bryan Efosa said: “Make Una learn offline.”

Elizabeth Iduma said: “Once the trip to Nigeria, una mumu begins and cannot remain silent.”

omodano said: “Nigerians in the UK also talk when they communicate with Naija. This is painful. Wishing you all the best.”

Chris said: “Am I the only one who doesn’t like to talk about my personal life on social media, I don’t want anyone to know anything about me and I’m fine.”

Atinuke Taiwo57 said: “I also talk about my life in the UK, your villagers will follow you there.”

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