Update Why was Agent 00 arrested at Kai Cenat’s PS5 giveaway?

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Agent 00 found himself in hot water at Kai Cenat’s PS5 giveaway in New York when chaos erupted in Manhattan over the promised free PlayStation 5 devices for his fans. The situation escalated rapidly, with fireworks going off, bottles being thrown, and barricades being knocked over. In response to the escalating mayhem, the police department declared a “level four” mobilization, deploying around 1,000 officers to handle the situation.

Originally from Canada, Agent 00 is a prominent YouTuber and professional gamer known for his captivating NBA 2K videos on his YouTube channel. He has a strong presence on various social media platforms and calls Toronto his home. While he prefers to keep his family matters private, he has disclosed having a brother named Fareed, but details about his parents remain undisclosed.

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Agent 00 started his YouTube journey in 2013 under the name “CallMeAgent00,” later rebranding to “Agent00Gaming” to focus exclusively on the NBA 2K game series. His uploads feature engaging gameplay, insightful commentary, and NBA 2K-related news updates. To keep his audience engaged, Agent 00 consistently provides fresh content, including Q&A videos that offer a glimpse into his world.

With a substantial subscriber count of approximately 1.78 million and nearly 400 million views as of April 2022, Agent 00 has built a dedicated fanbase. Besides YouTube, he actively interacts with his followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, solidifying his reputation in the gaming and content creation community.

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Why was Agent 00 arrested at Kai Cenat’s PS5 giveaway?

Agent 00

As for the reason behind Agent 00’s arrest at Kai Cenat’s PS5 giveaway in New York, he faced several accusations, mainly because he failed to coordinate the event with the police beforehand or obtain the necessary permits.

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At a news conference, the police announced that he would be charged with “at least two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly.” However, the official charge sheet has not been verified yet. Following his detention, Agent 00 was later released. The New York City Police Department reported a total of 65 arrests, including 30 minors, and multiple injuries during the incident. As of the time of this writing, Kai Cenat has not commented on the situation on social media.

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