Update Who Is Megan Schofill’s Caddie and Boyfriend C.J. Easley?

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Megan Schofill’s victory at the 2023 U.S. Women’s Amateur at Bel-Air Country Club not only showcased her exceptional talent and determination but also shed light on the incredible bond she shares with her caddie and boyfriend, C.J. Easley. As a fifth-year golfer at Auburn University, Schofill has consistently impressed the golfing community with her skills.

However, it is her relationship with Easley that adds a unique and heartwarming aspect to her story. Easley, a talented golfer himself, has been by Schofill’s side, supporting and guiding her through her golfing journey. Their love for each other and the sport has captured the attention and admiration of not only the golfing community but also those beyond. Their story is a true testament to the power of determination, passion, and love.

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Who Is C.J. Easley?

C.J. Easley is Megan Schofill’s caddie and her boyfriend as well. C.J. Esley is a talented golfer in his own right. Like Megan, he is also in his fifth year as a golfer at Ole Miss University.

He is an accomplished and promising young golfer who has achieved significant success in his professional career. In June, he showcased his exceptional skills on the golf course by winning the prestigious 2023 Alabama State Amateur Championship. This victory not only solidified his talent but also marked a significant milestone in his budding career.

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Born on June 20, 2000, to Jamie and Kerry Easley, C.J. was raised in Oxford, Mississippi. He grew up with a strong influence from his father, who had played golf at Delta State University. Inspired by his father’s love for the sport, C.J. followed in his footsteps and has since dedicated himself to honing his golfing abilities.

Currently pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on leadership, family business, and entrepreneurship, C.J. demonstrates his commitment to personal and professional growth. With his remarkable achievements and dedication to his craft, C.J. Easley is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of golf.

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Dating And Relationship Timeline

Megan Schofill and C.J. Easley have a special relationship that extends beyond their romantic connection. As Megan’s caddie, Easley goes above and beyond the typical responsibilities of his role. He not only helps her choose the right club and offers guidance during high-pressure moments, but he also provides unwavering support and encouragement.

Their bond is evident in the way Easley keeps Megan’s spirits high with lighthearted conversations during challenging times on the course. Megan has expressed how incredible it is to have her best friend right beside her during tournaments. Easley’s presence has become an invaluable asset to Megan’s game, showcasing their unique and strong connection.

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