Update Who Is Laura Schwartz Wife Susan Santiago?

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Laura Schwartz had a remarkable media career, with notable contributions to various prominent news networks. From 2004 to 2007, she served as an on-air contributor for the Fox News Channel, where she showcased her expertise and insights. Following her time at Fox News, Laura assumed the role of a special correspondent for CNN’s Larry King Live. During this period, she covered the presidential primaries from Fall 2007 to Summer 2008, providing viewers with in-depth analysis and interviews.

Laura’s involvement in the 2008 presidential election extended to covering the event on the CBS Early Show, further solidifying her reputation as a trusted media personality. In addition to her work on American networks, Laura frequently appeared on international platforms, such as the BBC and Sir David Frost’s Frost Over The World, where she shared her perspectives on global events.

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Before her media journey, Laura had an impressive tenure in the Clinton administration, where she held significant roles, including the Midwest Press Secretary, White House Director of Events, and Director of Television. Her extensive experience in both politics and media allowed Laura to make a lasting impact in her field.

Who Is Laura Schwartz Wife Susan Santiago?

Susan Santiago is the wife of Laura Schwartz. In her professional capacity, Susan holds the position of Senior Vice President at the Hyatt Corporation. Their wedding day was filled with joy, as the couple received a royal send-off from their wedding party, beaming with happiness as they hopped into their Rolls-Royce.

Apart from this, there is not much information about Laura’s missus, and to be frank, Laura is more famous than her wife. Throughout her career, Schwartz has received numerous accolades and recognitions.

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She was listed among Chicago’s 100 Most Influential Women in 2011 by Chicago Magazine and named one of the city’s 5 Most Bold and Beautiful in 2010. In 2007, American University honored her with the Leadership in Education Award.

Additionally, she was invited to speak at the Oxford Union in 2009, where she discussed foreign policy and the role of women in the world. The following year, in 2012, she received the Steve Kemble Leadership Foundation Award.

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Furthermore, on September 28, 2012, she was honored to be inducted into the Plymouth School District Hall of Fame, another significant recognition.

Despite having dated a man in the past while working with Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at the White House, Laura ultimately found happiness with Susan.

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Laura Schwartz And Susan Santiago 

After dating for more than two years, Laura Schwartz and Susan Santiago made the decision to embark on the journey of marriage. Their relationship began in 2017, and on the second anniversary of their first date, Laura took to her Twitter account to celebrate their love.

Throughout their time together, these two independent women worked on understanding each other and building a future as a united couple. Finally, on May 11, 2019, surrounded by their loved ones, Schwartz and Santiago exchanged vows in a lavishly organized wedding ceremony, complete with intricate decorations.

Their union not only solidified their commitment to one another but also served as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that love transcends gender and societal expectations. Laura, dedicated to spending her life with Susan, fearlessly challenges societal norms, proving that love conquers all. Alongside her professional endeavors, Laura actively engages in philanthropy, generously donating her time and financial support to various organizations.

Her contributions include donating her writing fee from a column in the Chicago Sun-Times to Clean the World in 2012 and serving on the American Heart Association advocacy board, where she hosts Chicago Heart Walks and Go Red Luncheons. Laura’s volunteer work extends to organizations such as the YWCA and the United Way, and she also serves as a board member of the Illinois Institute of Art and Event Solutions Magazine.

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