Update Who Is Chauncy Glover’s Wife: Mayra Moreno?

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Chauncy Glover is a highly accomplished American journalist and reporter, currently working for KTRK ABC13 in Houston, Texas. His exceptional work in the field of journalism has earned him multiple Emmy Awards, showcasing his talent and dedication. Chauncy pursued his education in Broadcast Journalism, Music, and Theatre at Troy University, where he graduated as one of the top students in his class with a degree in Public Relations.

His remarkable performance in college was acknowledged with the prestigious Sydney Sullivan Top Senior Award. Shortly after graduating, Chauncy kick-started his career at WTVM News in Georgia before moving on to CBS 47 and Fox 30 in Florida. Throughout his career, he has become renowned for his coverage of exclusive news stories across a wide range of topics.

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However, Chauncy’s remarkable achievements extend beyond his professional success. He is widely recognized for his philanthropic efforts and is frequently seen helping others whenever he can. This, coupled with his humility, has made him a role model for many young individuals, inspiring them to be compassionate, open-hearted, and focused individuals.

Chauncy Glover and Mayra Moreno

Mayra Moreno is a talented American journalist and anchor presently employed by ABC-KTRK. In October 2015, she began working for KTRK-TV Eyewitness News.Rumors are circulating that Chauncy Glover’s wife is Mayra Moreno. Most of the online portals have said that it is true.

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There are not many pieces of evidence that support this gossip. However, looking at Glover’s Twitter, he tweeted, “SHE SAID YES! My work wife is becoming a REAL wife! Congrats @ABC13Mayra He put a ring on it!” This tweet has fueled the fans’ speculation, who were excited about it. Glover proposed to Mayra on 17 Sep 2016, but the tweet is unavailable now.

Therefore, they might have broken up. But both of them have not spoken about it anywhere. Additionally, Moreno posted a photo on Instagram from her marriage on her anniversary. However, her husband’s face is not clearly seen in the photo.

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So, it cannot be confirmed if Chauncy Glover and Mayra Moreno have tied the knot. Although it is known that Mayra is married, the marital status of Chauncy remains unknown.

Mayra Moreno Family And Net Worth

Mayra Moreno’s beauty and confidence have captivated her fans, sparking their curiosity about her family. Although she maintains a low-key profile when it comes to revealing her private life, she has openly shared her professional journey on social media. According to Facts Wiki, Mayra has two younger sisters, Eliza and Daisy, as well as a brother.

However, she has chosen not to speak about her parents. Despite their anonymity, her father and mother have played a significant role in shaping and nurturing her to achieve her dreams. They have always encouraged Moreno to stand up for what is right and never suppress her voice. Her basic training as a reporter began at home, where her parents instilled in her strength and confidence. Following the path they paved for her, Mayra has become a successful journalist, making her family proud and earning a name for herself through her hard work and determination.

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While she has not publicly discussed her family relations, it is evident that their support has been crucial to her success. Additionally, her estimated salary range falls between $70,000 and $125,000, and her estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million, which she has earned through her career as an anchor.

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