Update Meet Russell Laffitte Wife Susanne Laffitte And Kids 

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In the wake of former banker Russell Laffitte’s conviction for financial fraud in connection with the Alex Murdaugh case, interest in his personal life has skyrocketed. Laffitte, the former CEO of Palmetto State Bank, was found guilty on multiple charges, including misappropriating bank funds and conspiracy.

He was sentenced to 84 months in jail and ordered to pay $3.55 million in restitution. With the spotlight now shining on his personal life, many are curious about his wife, Susanne Laffitte, and the state of their marital relationship.

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Who Is Russell Laffitte Wife Susanne Laffitte? 

Russell Laffitte is married to his longtime spouse, Susanne Laffitte, also known as Susie. The former Palmetto State Bank CEO has been together with his spouse for several years.

While the marriage timeline of the couple has not been disclosed, it is safe for us to say that the Laffitte couple have been together for over two decades. They reportedly dated only a few months before tying the knot.

During their long and blissful marital life, the pair had two kids. They are proud parents of two grown-up children – a son Luke and a daughter Carter Laffitte. The couple’s daughter, Carter Laffitte, was born in the early 2000s. Thus, she is 20 years old as of 2023. Carter appeared in court during Russell’s trial.

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While there is limited information about the professional life of Russell’s wife, some online sources have mentioned that Susie serves as a social work supervisor at the State of Connecticut.

Although there is a Linkedin account named Susie Laffitte, whether the account belongs to the former banker’s wife or not is ambiguous. Nonetheless, The Laffitte family shares a tight-knitted bond with one another.

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Russell Laffitte Wife, Children And Family

During Russell Laffitte’s sentencing hearing, his wife Susanne made a heartfelt plea for mercy. She asked Judge Gergel to consider the impact of his decision on their family, emphasizing that Russell means different things to different people. Susanne shared that her love for him grew every day, recounting how he proposed just two months into their relationship.

She also revealed that her husband had been tormented by guilt, constantly questioning his actions and their consequences for the victims. Russell’s family and friends also spoke highly of him, describing him as a trusted linchpin in their lives. They praised his involvement in local fundraisers and his dedication to working the concession stand at school sports events.

Susanne emphasized that Russell is the one everyone in the family turns to for guidance and support, regardless of age. Before the sentencing, several friends and family members testified about Russell’s character, highlighting his kindness and generosity. His daughter expressed her love for him and the numerous ways he had earned that love. As she returned to her seat, Russell got up and embraced her, displaying the strength of their bond.

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