[Update] Maryellen Barry cause of death

Maryellen Barry cause of death? With heavy hearts, we would like to announce the peaceful passing of Maryellen Barry Franklin, MA, on August 2, 2023, at the age of 72. A pillar of love, dedication, and selflessness, she leaves behind a legacy as a revered mother to her seven beloved children.

Who Was Maryellen Barry? Maryellen Barry died

Mary Ellen truly devoted herself to helping two groups named Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) and Police Unity Tour. She had seven children whom she loved dearly. She was incredibly strong and never gave up, even in the face of difficulties. Her husband, Military Police Officer Paul Barry, had served as a police officer in Massachusetts and sacrificed his life in the line of duty. This deeply saddened her, but instead of giving up, she became a dedicated advocate for groups supporting the families of fallen police officers.

One of the groups she assisted, COPS, provided support for families who lost loved ones in the line of duty. Mary Ellen worked diligently to support these families both emotionally and financially when they needed it most. She understood their feelings well, having experienced something similar when her own husband passed away. She cared deeply for these families and always wanted to help.

Mary Ellen also had a great affection for the Police Unity Tour. It was a special annual bike ride event to honor fallen police officers who died in the line of duty. The tour also raised funds for police support organizations. Mary Ellen believed that it was crucial to honor these brave officers who sacrificed their lives while keeping their communities safe. Participating in the Police Unity Tour helped her remember her husband and provide support to others going through a similar period of grief.

One of Mary Ellen’s children, Nick, was beloved by a group called Chapter IX, all of whom were part of the Police Unity Tour. Nick was not only her son but also a member of the law enforcement family. When he turned 18, Mary Ellen was thrilled to see him join the Police Unity Tour, just like his late father had done during his lifetime.

Maryellen Barry cause of death

Maryellen Barry cause of death

Career of Maryellen Barry

Mary Ellen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Scranton and has been a CPA for three years at one of the major firms, followed by another nine years in private companies as an accounting director and auditor. In 2003, she was laid off and spent the summer teaching agile dogs to make a living while searching for other job opportunities. She enjoyed it so much that she never thought she could return to the corporate world, and she has been teaching agility full-time ever since.

Mary Ellen’s fame as a seminar presenter has grown due to her ability to break down everything for students and clarify her concepts. She has a keen eye and can accurately identify simple training exercises for handlers to practice at home to improve their skills.

Mary Ellen is a OneMind Dogs coach and was selected as a member of the first trial group in 2015. The United States proudly has only 6 OMD coaches, and she is delighted to be part of teaching this method.

Mary Ellen has been involved in agility for 22 years and has achieved great success both nationally and internationally. She has competed at the IFCS and WAO World Championships a total of 6 times with 2 different dogs and has won numerous medals at those events, including 6 gold medals. She has stood on the podium multiple times at the USDAA Cynosport World Games, including winning first and second place with Maizy and EZ in the 2012 Dog Agility Masters Team Championships and placing second with Maizy in the Grand Prix 2012. Mary Ellen also coached the WAO 2015 team that competed in the Netherlands.

Mary Ellen has been a contributor for Clean Run magazine for over 13 years and is the author of the “Distance and Direction” and “Foundation Fundamentals” DVDs, both available on www.cleanrun.com.

Mary Ellen has been a full-time instructor for over 13 years and has taught seminars and camps across the United States and Canada.

Maryellen Barry died

Maryellen Barry died

How did Maryellen Barry die? Maryellen Barry cause of death?

Mary Ellen Barry, a devoted mother of both PUT IX racers and survivor Nick Barry, played an important role as a steadfast supporter for Concerns of Police Survivors and the Police Unity Tour. She was a pillar of strength for her seven children, guiding them through the challenges following the passing of their father and her husband, Military Police Officer Paul Barry from the Massachusetts State Police. While we mourn her loss, the cause of her death remains unknown at this time.

MSP spouses took to their Facebook page to express their profound sadness over the passing of Maryellen Barry.

Maryellen Barry cause of death

Maryellen Barry cause of death

Video Maryellen Barry cause of death

Conclusion Maryellen Barry cause of death

The sudden departure of Maryellen Barry leaves a significant void, not only for her family but also for the entire law enforcement community. Her compassionate heart, strength, and tireless dedication to the police survivors have set an inspiring example that has touched countless families.

Though her warmth, empathy, and care will be sorely missed, her supportive legacy and memory will endure through her son, Nick, as he continues to participate in the Police Unity Tour. The impact of her and her late husband Paul’s work will continue to ripple out for years to come.

Mary Ellen Barry was a devoted mother, a police survivor, and an unwavering advocate. The memories of her will undoubtedly be a blessing to all who had the privilege of knowing her. The law enforcement community envelops Nick and the entire Barry family in its heart during this incredibly challenging time.

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