Update Is Malik Cunningham Related To Randall Cunningham?

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Micale Malik Cunningham serves as the quarterback for the New England Patriots in the NFL, having played college football at Louisville. In the preseason matchup between the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans, Malik Cunningham displayed his adaptability. The ex-Louisville standout successfully executed three passes for a total of 19 yards and embarked on five rushing attempts, accumulating 34 yards.

Additionally, he secured the Patriots’ singular touchdown with a nine-yard run during the fourth quarter. On the other hand, Randall Wade Cunningham Sr., a former American football quarterback, spent 16 seasons in the NFL. Primarily associated with the Philadelphia Eagles, Randall also had a notable period with the Minnesota Vikings.

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With the brilliant performance given by Malik, his name has surged all over the Internet and has driven people to seek more information about him. In this regard, people have also wondered if the New England Patriots footballer is related to the former veteran footballer Randall Cunningham.

Are Malik Cunningham and Randall Cunningham Related?

The public’s eagerness to delve deeper into his character and abilities is palpable, creating a fervent pursuit for more information. To provide clarity, there is no blood relation between Randall Cunningham and Malik Cunningham.

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Despite any resemblances that may be observed in their playing styles or personality, they are not bound by a direct family lineage. The up-and-coming talent, Malik Cunningham, is currently grabbing headlines as the rookie for the Patriots.

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He effortlessly demonstrates his quarterback skills in his preseason debut, sparking discussions about his potential. If he continues to deliver performances like his recent one, there’s a possibility that the Patriots might explore his capabilities as both a quarterback and wide receiver.

Malik Cunningham Family

Malik Cunningham, the son of Michael Cunningham and Stacy Skanes, was given his name by both his father and his grandmother. His first name, Micale, was chosen by his father, while his second name, Malik, was bestowed by his grandmother, who admired actor Malik Yoba. Born on October 6, 1998, in Montgomery, Alabama, Malik grew up playing high school football at Park Crossing. His father, Randall Cunningham Sr., is a former NFL quarterback known by various nicknames such as “Rocket Man” and “The Ultimate Weapon.” Randall has three children, including Malik, and his family has a strong football background.

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Malik’s uncle, Sam Cunningham, was a successful running back at the University of Southern California and played for the New England Patriots in the NFL. Furthermore, Malik’s cousin, Vashti Cunningham, has excelled in high jump events, winning gold at various championships and maintaining her dominance in the sport. With a family deeply rooted in football and athletic success, Malik Cunningham has a strong foundation to pursue his own football career.

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