Update Is Emily Arlott Related To John Arlott?

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Emily Arlott, a renowned English cricketer, currently showcases her talents as a right-arm medium-fast bowler for Worcestershire, Central Sparks, and Birmingham Phoenix. Her skills and dedication to the sport were recognized in June 2021 when she received her first call-up to the England women’s cricket team during a home series against India.

Emily’s success on the field is not the only connection she has to cricket, as her family boasts another notable figure in the sport. John Arlott, her relative, was a prominent journalist, author, and cricket commentator for the BBC’s Test Match Special. Known for his poetic phraseology, John’s eloquence and distinctive commentary style elevated him to an iconic status within the cricketing community.

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Are the two Related?

Despite sharing the same last name, Emily and John Arlott are not related to each other. While their surname might raise questions regarding their family connection, these two cricket personalities have no known blood relation. Emily Arlott’s connection to John Arlott lies in their shared family lineage. While John Arlott’s contributions were focused on cricket commentary and journalism, Emily Arlott’s talents lie in her prowess on the field.

She made her mark in the county circuit, with her debut for Worcestershire in 2013 serving as a stepping stone for her future accomplishments. Notably, the year 2019 proved to be a turning point in her career, as she overcame an ankle injury to secure 19 wickets for Worcestershire across various formats. This remarkable feat earned her recognition as a member of the PCA Women’s Team of the Year.

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As Emily Arlott continues to make her presence felt on the cricket field, her connection to John Arlott adds a layer of depth to her journey. Their shared surname serves as a bridge that spans generations, connecting a poetic cricket commentator from the past to a promising cricketer of the present. It’s a witness to the enduring influence of cricketing legacies and the way they intertwine across time.

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