Teenager who stabbed commercial motorcyclist arrested in Osun while ‘fasting and praying for forgiveness’

The Osun State Police Command has arrested a suspected 18-year-old robber, Ayomide, for plotting to kill a commercial motorcyclist.

Speaking to the Saturday Tribune, the suspect stabbed the victim in the neck to rob his motorcycle, revealed that he had begun fasting and praying for 7 days to seek God’s forgiveness when he was arrested.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, the command’s spokesman, SP Yemisi Opalola, said the injured motorcyclist reported at the Iree police station that Ayomide marked him down in the Eyinade area and fell in love. The bridge was taken to the Rainbow area in Iree.

The Okada driver told police that while he was on his way, a passenger suddenly stabbed him in the neck with a screwdriver and tried to take away his Bajaj motorcycle.

He added that as he was bleeding, he wrestled with the suspect and set off an alarm that caught the attention of an oncoming motorcyclist. According to him, this caused the suspect to flee to avoid arrest.

The victim said he was taken to the hospital by the rescuer for immediate medical attention, who also assured him that the attacker would not get away with the crime.

“The case was immediately referred to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, detectives applied available investigative mechanisms and on May 18, the suspect was arrested,” SP Opalola said.

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PPRO added: “During questioning, Ayomide confessed to having committed the crime of colluding with Olusegun Dayo and Ibrahim Ayinde, who are still outlawed.

“I went to a mountain where prayers were held to see my grandmother. Sometimes I sleep at her house, so I get used to her. I confessed to her what I had done and she took me to a mountain of prayer in Eripa. I was told to fast for seven days, but on the fourth day, I left the top of the mountain and was arrested.”

He said that he was a stubborn child and did not stay with his mother, who remained single after being away from his father. He revealed that his mother had six children, with him being the youngest.

“My father thought nothing of us because he had another wife and children. I regret my actions,” the suspect told the Saturday Tribune.

PPRO said efforts are being made to apprehend other gang members in general, adding that the suspect arrested will be charged to court once the investigation is complete.

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