Sweden officially declares s*x as sport, to organise European S*x Championship, each ‘match’ to last for 45-60 mins

Sweden has officially declared sex a sport and is set to host its first sex competition next week, according to multiple reports in India.

According to the report, sex contest participants will engage in sex sessions that can last up to six hours a day. The winners of the gender contest will be decided by a jury and the audience will also influence the final decision.

The European Sex Championships will begin on June 8 and last for a period of six weeks with participants engaging in sexual activities between 45 minutes and 1 hour a day, depending on the time. amount of their matches.

The report suggested that the audience will also influence the decisions of the sex contests and will perceive some aspects of sexual activity.

The final decision on the winners will be made after considering factors such as chemistry between the couples, knowledge of sex, tolerance level, etc.

Notably, knowledge of ‘Kamasutra’, the Sanskrit scriptures on sex and eroticism, will also play a role in decision making and participants will receive points based on knowledge. their knowledge of ‘Kamasutra’.

Furthermore, the championship encouraged people of different sexual orientations and affirmed respect for diversity. The organizers of the gender contest believe that sexual orientation can play an important role in the competition and influence the outcome of the matches.

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Expressing excitement at the event, the organizers of the gender contest said that including sexual orientation as part of sports tactics would be a breakthrough development among European countries.

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