Supporters struggling with food at Chef Dammy’s cook-a-thon sparks outrage (Video below)

The mode in which food is handled by supporters at Chef Damilola Adeparusi aka Chef Dammy’s cook-a-thon puts their tongues in motion.

A video of chef Oye Ekiti’s 120-hour Guinness World Record attempt captured the moment multiple people struggled to eat from the same plate.

It’s worth noting that chef Dammy is looking to break down the longest cooking time achieved by a human amid pending review by chef Hilda Baci, who hit a whopping 100 hours.

Fans of chef Ekiti have praised the deliciousness of her meals, but their latest rendition has caused mixed reactions on social media.

Track your reaction when eating food at Chef Dammy’s Cookathon

Merald__Ayomi said, “Actually, I think people should stop posting things like this 😩😭 They’ll still use it to curse at us in the near future.”

001Amaoosa wrote: “Oh… Starving to death in this state o.. This alone is enough for Guinness to reject her.. Like Whole nest and soup in one plate and some hands dipped in!! The hands of strangers.. and I’m pretty sure some people don’t even wash their hands!!”

osephL25608715 stated: “This is lousy PR. No matter how sweet the food is, they shouldn’t make this kind of video public…”

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MercyEgbai wrote: “The ekiti girl has shown her status very well. Sapa cook-a-thon, if she likes to make her go home without running out of gas.

fineboyrealtor0 noted: “Here’s why Gwr won’t take Nigerians seriously anymore because of what crap is this”

Tochi_1409 stated: “How can they eat soup and put their hands on the plate at the same time? Nna means nothing disgusts them?

aideinfluence added: “The support is still there. you can cry all you want

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