See how much Lionel Messi will make at Inter Miami

The best player in the world is currently playing in the MLS and with that, we’re taking a look at what we know about the deal that was done with Inter Miami..

With widespread reports now indicating that Lionel Messi will sign for Major League Soccer club Inter Miami, the world is still approaching the exact meaning of that. Consider for a moment that he turned down 1 billion dollars to join the Saudi Arabia league and then also the club of his heart, FC Barcelona, ​​whom he expected will be back. So what happened?

What do we know about Lionel Messi’s contract with Inter Miami?
Honestly, not much and the details we have, there seems to be some conflict. Spanish publication ‘Sport’ have reported that the Argentinian has been offered a four-year contract, while ‘Relevo’ has stated that the deal will be for two years. When it comes to salary, the only number we see is from the aforementioned article in Spain, which says he will make $54 million per season for those 4 years. Then there are additional benefits.

It is reported that the deal will also include commercial contracts with Apple and Adidas, both of which are key partners of MLS. Incidentally, Apple announced on Monday that it will be releasing a documentary about Messi, which follows his journey to World Cup glory last year. Then there were also rumors of a share option in Inter Miami that was also part of the package, which was reported last year when talk of a deal was first mooted. In the end, although all of this was reported, nothing was confirmed. The only thing we can say for sure is that the 7-time FIFA World Player of the Year is going to the US

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What happened to FC Barcelona’s move for Lionel Messi?
You may recall that just Monday, Jorge Messi – Lionel’s father – said that “Leo wants to return to Barca.” Of course, you probably also know that the club’s financial difficulties are a major obstacle to any move towards a reunion. Then there are also spending restrictions imposed by La Liga itself. In the end, no official offer was made for Messi, simply because the club could not make an offer. That means Barca have asked Messi to wait until they can resolve some of his problems before making an offer at the end of the summer. Obviously, that wasn’t an option and in the end, the 35-year-old opted for a whole new adventure in Miami.

So Messi comes to Miami and that’s it?
As noted above, there is a lot of speculation about exactly how much money Messi will earn and for how long. With that said, it’s hard to imagine that at his age he would pick up a 4-year contract anywhere. Here’s the problem, though: It is said that Messi could still be loaned out to his former club in Catalunya for the first part of his contract. Such a situation would of course allow him to play one more time for the club he loves, before returning to the state side to bring the curtain down on his incredible career. entertainment time for American fans. We also have to consider that the 2026 World Cup will be held in the United States, i.e. can believe he wants to be there when it does. Despite the fact that both Apple and Adidas offer revenue-sharing arrangements, they clearly want him too. As we always say, watch this space.

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