President Tinubu addresses Nigerians (Full Text)


Nigerian compatriots,

2. Today, for three decades, the people of Nigeria have voted to exercise their inviolable right to elect a President of their choice to lead the transition from military dictatorship to a representative government of the people.

3. Cancel, by military decree, the decisive victory of Moshood Leader Kashimawo Olawale Abiola of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the June 12, 1993 presidential election, which fairest and freest election up to that point. The country’s political development, ironically, turned out to be the seed that sprouted the protracted struggle that gave birth to the democracy we now enjoy since 1999.

4. Standing up strongly against the arbitrary annulment of the will of the majority of Nigerians as demonstrated in that historic election, a large number of our people joined the struggle for annulment of the election. elections, demonstrating their uncompromising commitment to glorifying democracy as a form of government that best honors liberty, the dignity of the individual, and the integrity and stability of government . The fierce opposition to the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election and the relentless onslaught of democracy advocates it provoked is tantamount to the war against the real regime. The people of our founding fathers led to Nigeria’s independence in 1960.

5. Like the anti-colonial movement, the June 12 vanguard, once again, proves the enduring value of the 19th-century historian, Arnold Toynbee’s eternal postulate, that civilization and Society experiences progress when they are forced to meet challenges posed by the environment. The unjust annulment of a free and fair election was widely acknowledged as a challenge that ignited the resistance of a resurgent civil society, ultimately leading to the attainment of a ‘fundamental foundation’. our second independence’ as exemplified by the return of democratic government in 1999.

6. My compatriots, we celebrate a day that has become a turning point in our nation’s history, not only today but for every June 12th, for the endless future that our beloved country we will survive and grow stronger, generations of Nigerians will always remind themselves that democracy is steadily growing to become the defining essence of our polity not bestowed upon them. me on a silver plate.

7. We can easily recall the sacrifice and martyrdom of MKO chief Abiola, the keeper of a sacred mission that was brutally aborted. He sacrificed his life to defend his patriotism, tenacious for democratic ideals as symbolized in his choice, by his countrymen and women, as President. their legally elected. There is an easier choice for him. It is to give up justice for one’s own cause and choose the easy path and surrender to the tyranny of power. In the face of her eternal prestige and immortal glory, Abiola refused. He proved the time-tested eternal truth that there are certain ideals and principles that are far more valuable than life itself.

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8. Every day, on this day, through the ages, we will recall some other democracy heroes such as Kudirat Abiola, the wife of Chief Abiola, who was brutally murdered while in the trenches of battle. for the people. We remember Pa Alfred Rewane, one of the heroes of our struggle for independence, and Major General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua (rtd), who was silenced by the military junta in his pursuit of democracy. . They gave their yesterday to our freedom today.

9. The problem is that we should never take this democracy for granted. We must forever enviously guard and protect it like a precious jewel. Because, a people can never truly appreciate the freedoms and democratic rights guaranteed to them until they lose it.

10. We have traversed the thorny road of dictatorship in the past, and those who have gone through it can readily testify to the insurmountable gap between the dignity of freedom and humiliation and degradation. of the autocratic regime. Genuine, acrimonious debates, endless squabbles, endless squabbles, and bitter contests may be seen by some as less appealing features of democracy. But they also testify to its merit and worth.

11. This year, we celebrated the seventh in an election cycle that has been sacred to our democratic practice during this period since 1999.

12. The fact that the elections turned out to be acrimonious is positive proof that democracy is alive and well in our country. It is natural that even when those who have won and experienced victory in different elections are both elated and contented, the losers are frustrated and disappointed. But the beauty of democracy is that today’s winners may lose tomorrow, and today’s losers will have a chance to compete and win the next round of elections.

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13. Those who cannot be patient, accept the pain of defeat in the election, do not deserve the joy of victory when it is their turn to win. Above all, those who disagree with the outcome of the election are taking full advantage of the provisions of the constitution to claim it in court and that is one of the reasons why democracy is still a form of law. The best form of government invented by man.

14. For MKO Leader Abiola, the symbol of this day, in his memory, June 12 has become a national holiday, democracy is eternal.

15. It is about the rule of law and a dynamic judicial system that can be trusted to deliver justice and strengthen institutions. Here it is imperative to declare that unnecessary illegal orders used to curtail or curtail democracy will no longer be tolerated.

16. The recent harmonization of retirement age for judicial officials aims to strengthen the rule of law, which is an important pillar of democracy. New reform begins.

17. Democracy that will give the right return to shareholders means more than just freedom of choice and the right to put people in elected offices. It means social and economic justice for our people. For the June 12 winner, democracy offers the best opportunity to fight for and alleviate poverty. Thirty years ago, he named his campaign manifesto ‘Farewell to Poverty’ because he believed there was nothing sacred about poverty. It is a man-made problem that can be eliminated with well-thought-out economic and social policies.

18. It is for this reason that, in my inaugural address on May 29, I implemented my predecessor’s decision to eliminate the fuel subsidy and free up resources. essential for collective use. so far has been pocketed by some wealthy people. I acknowledge that this decision will place an additional burden on many of our people. I feel your pain. This is a decision we must make to save our country from bankruptcy and take our resources from the grip of some unpatriotic elements.

19. I painfully ask my compatriots to sacrifice a little more for the survival of our country. For your trust and confidence in us, I assure you that your sacrifice will not be in vain. The government I lead will pay you back through massive investment in transport infrastructure, education, regular electricity supply, health care and other public utilities to improve the quality of life. living.

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20. The democracy that MKO Abiola sacrificed is a democracy that promotes the welfare of the people rather than the personal interests of the ruling class and a democracy in which the ruled can find satisfaction and personal happiness. That is the hope MKO Abiola lit across our country in 1993.

21. On this year’s Democracy Day, I ask all of us to devote ourselves to strengthening the form of government of the free peoples that has been our guiding light for the past 24 years. In particular, those of us who have had the honor of being elected to public offices at various levels in both the executive and legislative branches of government, must commit themselves to serving the people unselfishly. and deliver concrete democratic benefits according to our electoral promises.

22. As for me and my administration, I pledge once again to pledge to diligently implement every component of our electoral pact with the people – the ‘New Hope’ agenda.

23. We will be true to the truth. Loyalty to fairness. And loyal to justice. We will exercise our authority and duty to govern fairly, respect the rule of law, and are committed to upholding the dignity of all our people.

24. In this regard, I wish all of us a happy celebration of Democracy Day and pray that the light of freedom will never be extinguished in our country.

25. Thank you all and may God continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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