“Pastor Chris can’t be my friend, never” – Apostle Johnson Suleman gives reason

The superintendent of Omega Fire Department, Apostle Johnson Suleman, shared the reason pastor Chris Oyakhilome could never be his friend.

The controversial pastor spoke to an audience on the second day of the 2023 Holy Ghost Conference, which was broadcast live on his church’s YouTube channel.

In his sermon, Apostle Johnson Suleman shared his opinion on Christ Embassy Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

He explained to the audience that he couldn’t be friends with Pastor Chris, even though he respected him.

He went on to provide some context for his comments, citing a recent conversation with Pastor John, who had just attended a pastor’s class conference.

According to Apostle Suleman, Pastor John said more than 103 million people signed up for the online program, and by the end of the meeting, more than 110 million pastors had signed up.

He questions how Pastor Chris is able to organize such a large event and suggests that he is on a different level from him.

Although he does not hold any grudge against Pastor Chris, he feels that he is not in the same class as him and therefore cannot be his friend.

“So now I would stand next to such a man and say, is he my friend? Never! Pastor Chris can’t be my friend. When you want to grow up, stop identifying yourself with mature people. I’m not in his class. He is in another world. Are you trying to say that God can’t use little things to fix him? God knows to whom He sends little things to correct.” he wrote.

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