Nigerian man refuses to pay after his date ate N12k food at restaurant (Video below)

Drama happened at a restaurant after a Nigerian woman ordered food for N12,000 while dating a guy.

The man who took her out refused to pay the bill and that led to an argument between the two when he stormed out of the premises and tried to leave her behind.

She follows him to the parking lot and begs him to pay the bill that her phone is dead or else she will pay for herself.

Instead, he told her to drop her iPhone to pay for the phone and said she was embarrassing herself.

The man asked her about eating N12,000 food and she said she can even eat N50,000 worth of food and it doesn’t matter, because she will pay for it .

The young lady asks him not to exaggerate the situation, saying she just needs to call someone and everything will be resolved.

A waitress who had served them in the restaurant could be seen standing behind the woman, waiting for payment while the two continued their verbal exchange.

When the man insisted on not helping her pay for the meal, the woman regretted it and admitted that she had made a mistake by agreeing to date him.

Watch the video below:

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