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The group Ca Hoi Hoang was established in 2013 with 2 members Nguyen Viet Thanh and Nguyen Thanh Minh, the group will disband after 10 years of establishment.

How was Salmon Hoang established?

Ca Hoi Hoang was founded in late 2013 by member Nguyen Viet Thanh – the group’s main vocalist – and Nguyen Thanh Minh, the guitarist. A year later the group added other members to the group including Bui Khac Dat and Le Dang Hieu. With 4 members who made 4 salmon, they went against the market music to capture the true, even a bit wild, crazy emotions of indie music.

  • Nguyen Viet Thanh (Thanh Luke, group leader, multi-instrumentalist)
  • Nguyen Thanh Minh (leader, guitar, backing vocals)
  • Bui Khac Dat (bass)
  • Le Dang Hieu (guitar, composer)
4 members in the group Ca Sal Hoang
4 members in the group Ca Sal Hoang

Since its establishment until now, Ca Sali Hoang has made a big splash in the indie/underground music community in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the Vietnamese music market in general, and has received numerous publications about it. Vietnamese music is appreciated.

The truth that gave birth to the name Wild Salmon?

About the name Salmon Wild, the band members said that they took the image of salmon that can swim against the current, to evoke the musical style that the group wants to pursue. Moreover, when combined with the word “Hoang”, the name shows more and more as a solitary but energetic, strong personality, determined to conquer consciousness because the strong love of music always flows in the heart. Surname.

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Fast facts about the remaining 3 members of Wild Salmon

1- Information about Luke Citadel – Wild Salmon

  • Year of birth: 1992
  • Alias: Castle Luke
  • Real name: Nguyen Viet Thanh
  • Hometown: born and raised in Da Lat, Lam Dong province
  • Career: joined a punk rock band called Dep To Ong at the age of 14
  • Hoang Salmon member: after graduating from University at the end of the year
  • Position in the band: Main vocal, main composer
  • First work: Album “Chapter II”

2- Information about Nguyen Thanh Minh – Hoang Salmon

  • Year of birth: 1992
  • Aliases:
  • Real name: Nguyen Thanh Minh
  • Position in the band: Lead guitar, backing vocals, frontman

3- Information about Bui Khac Dat – Wild Salmon

  • Year of birth: 1993
  • Position in the band: Bass

Album of the group Ca Sal Hoang

In 2014, the group’s debut album was officially released, titled Chapter II. At that time, Salmon Hoang had only two members, Thanh and Minh. Album with 10 songs such as: Animals; A little bit back; Boy; Once upon a time; Memories (It’s just sad); If; To going; Then it will pass; The last door and the song For the wedding day.

In 2016, Salmon Hoang released the second album titled Paper Dream. In 2017 and 2018 released the double album “Hurry – Urgent: Does it have to make sense?”, In 2019, Ca Sal Hoang released the album Escape Effect; 2021 is Date it and after this.

In addition to releasing albums quite evenly with other groups, during her activities, Ca Sal Hoang also carried out the last 2 tours in 2017 and 2019: GAP Tour (2017) and Fx Tour (2019). .

Achievements of the band Ca Sal Hoang

At the WeChoice Awards 2019, Ca Sal Hoang was honored in the category of “Underground artists with outstanding activities”.

The award’s website commented: “Success in 2019, when Vietnamese Rock was emerging, in the midst of other popular music genres and also when many different artists launched products, proving the talent and efforts of Queen Salmon. a long time. In that journey upstream, Salmon Hoang has connected many hearts with sympathy, brought people to wonderful spaces, and the 3 boys have the right to be proud when they are not alone.

Signs of disintegration

In 2017, member Le Dang Hieu decided to leave the band. The remaining group’s lineup includes 3 members: Thanh Luke (main vocal), Nguyen Thanh Minh (lead guitar, backing vocals, frontman) and Bui Khac Dat (bass guitar).

The remaining three members of the group Ca Sali Hoang after Le Dang Hieu left the group
The remaining three members of the group Ca Sali Hoang after Le Dang Hieu left the group

Officially disbanded after 10 years of establishment

The members of the group Ca Hoi Hoang confirmed to have received this information on the group’s fanpage. In an article published on the evening of February 6, member Luke of the group wrote: “From 2013 to now, we have had good memories together, together with the audience, and we are very happy. happiness. happy to receive that support.”

Meanwhile, Ming shared, “It’s a pity that this will be the band’s last tour, but we are also very happy that in the near future we love me will have the opportunity to meet friends, music lovers Hoang Salmon after nearly 10 years of operation”.

Ming continued, “Thank you to the band members and the crew for being together all this time. I once said ‘Salmon Hoang is something that lasts forever’, and I hope that Hoang Salmon will always be in my heart and in the hearts of music lovers.”

Salmon Hoang's announcement was posted on the evening of February 6.
Salmon Hoang’s announcement was posted on the evening of February 6.

Ca Hoi Hoang is known as a talented band when composing and performing their own songs. With a personality voice and full of charm, the songs of the band Ca Hoi Hoang are always enthusiastically supported by the community. Although not a very prominent and famous name like Son Tung M-TP, Binz, Soobin Hoang Son … but the band Ca Sali Hoang still owns a large fan base when looking at the number of shows and the number of albums released. consumed at launch.

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