Nermin Crnkic Net Worth Before Death: Salary, Career Earning and Endorsement

Nermin Crnkic net worth was pretty decent, which he collected from his professional football career. Keep reading this article to learn more about his career earnings.

Nermin Crnkic was a professional football player from Bosnia and Herzegovina who played for various clubs, starting his professional career with Färila in 2011.

Furthermore, the 5 feet 9 inches tall footballer played as a left winger. Crnkic had gained broad experience by playing with multiple clubs.

While representing them, Nermin also helped them win multiple titles. Currently, the football world is mourning the loss of his death as Crnkic was found dead on August 5, 2023, in his apartment in the United States.

With the news, fans and followers have asked some questions about Nermin’s career earnings which have been shared in depth in today’s article.

How Much Was Nermin Crnkic Net Worth Before Death?

Nermin Crnkic net worth was pretty decent before his death, but the actual amount has not been posted yet. It can be said that Nermin earned a good amount of money from his professional soccer career.

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During his professional football career, Nermin mainly played in the . He played for multiple clubs, including Jablonec, Sarajevo, and Tuzla City.

Being a part of these clubs, Nermin must have dealt an amazing contract that helped him take home fair cash. As of now, none of the verified media sources has given any info about Nermin’s fortune.

Meanwhile, some online portals say Nermin’s net worth was over $500,000. Apart from that, Nermin was also a private guy who kept himself far from the media.

Due to his low-key nature, it becomes more challenging to know about his wealth and other details.

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Nermin Crnkic Salary and Career Earnings

Nermin Crnkic received a fair salary from his clubs. As said earlier, Nermin mainly played in the Bosnian Premier League. A footballer playing in BPL earns BAM 13,155 a year and BAM 6 an hour.

So, it can be said that Crnkic may have earned in the same range from playing in BPL with various clubs. Meanwhile, none of the clubs has given the details regarding Crnkic’s contract with them.

Due to that, it becomes more challenging to know how much Nermin earned during his deal with these clubs. Apart from that, he was one of the skilled footballers from Bosnia.

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His highest market value was €400k in 2016, and his lowest market value was €100k. Besides that, Crnkic didn’t represent his nation in any games.

Explore Nermin Crnkic Endorsement and Achievements

Being a professional footballer Nermin Crnkic surely earned some cash from sponsorship and brand endorsement. During his career, Nermin played with multiple clubs, and lastly, he was a part of the FK Tuzla City team.

Some of his social media posts show that Crnkic worked with some big brands, including Adidas. So, his collaboration with Adidas may have helped him take home impressive cash.

Apart from that, Nermin was one of the most important players in his club. From 2013 to 2016, he played for  and scored three goals by appearing in 31 games.

Not only that, but Crnkic was also part of the team that won the title of the Czech Supercup in 2013. From 2018 to 2021, he scored 11 goals in 68 games while representing Tulza City. 


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