“My wife beats me up, forces me to wash plate, pant” — Italy based Nigerian cries for help

A 35-year-old Nigerian man living in Italy called for help amid his relentless domestic abuse by his wife, who beat him up and forced him to do housework.

In an anonymous appeal for help, a struggling man shared the struggle he faces in his marriage with a social media celebrity @Wizarab10 on Twitter. .

According to the man, his wife financed his move from Nigeria to Italy, after which he paid his wife’s bride price to her Nigerian parents.

However, his life took a different turn after they got married as husband and wife in Italy when he was regularly beaten and sexually abused.

How I met my wife in Malaysia

“Like the guy who married a mother of two in lekki. I met my wife in Malaysia. Then she was my girlfriend, things were very difficult for me there, she helped me a lot until I had to go back to Nigeria.

“After a while she moved to Italy and there she became pregnant with two different men… said one of the men had died and the other refused to marry her. When I was in Nigeria, she helped me with the paperwork to go to Italy and I came. She handles everything on her own. I feel very loved by her.”

Causes of domestic violence from my wife

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“When I arrived, she was also very nice and lovely until I sent my men to pay her bride price in Nigeria.

Since then, she has turned into a lion. I am a victim of domestic violence. She hit me a lot. The last time, I couldn’t see with my left eye for 2 weeks just because I asked a simple question regarding where she spent the night. She has relationships everywhere.

I can’t call the police. I was forced to wash her pants, I was forced to have sex with her even when I wasn’t in the mood and I had to wash her dishes for a very long time until she ejaculated. I’m tired of this whole life.

I love to do but oh my god that’s not the only nature of my lyf. She doesn’t trust me at all, always wants to see my phone and never wants a woman, close to me. Especially young girls.”

Discovered my wife’s prostitution line

“The day I found out she was in the olosho business here, I was very disappointed. We have a girl and a boy together into 2 boys and 2 girls. I work and take care. I work and take care of them all. But I am still a slave in my own house.

Please I need advice. How do I run away from this place with my kids. She helped me through and I feel indebted to her. But I’m dying inside. I am 35 years old and 42 years old. This is not the kind of family I dreamed of.

I am writing this with my tears. I can’t speak, My People will laugh at me Because I’ve been warned.”

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