“My music is not for poor people, if you no get money you can’t have my song” – Rapper Speed Darlington

American-born Nigerian Hip Hop artist Darlington Okoye, commonly known as Speed ​​Darlington, has revealed that, unlike his industry peers, he doesn’t make music for “the poor.” “.

The controversial singer says he’s preoccupied with getting his music on the global streaming platform, Audiomack because it’s for the poor.

Speed ​​Darlington made this statement during his appearance on the latest episode of podcast media personality Nedu’s Honest Bunch.

He say, “I don’t m*ss with Audiomack. Audiomack is for the poor.

My music is not for the poor. I..”

Just recently, Speed ​​Darlington got into a war of words with some shoppers at a supermarket in the Ajah area of ​​Lagos state.

A video circulating on social media shows the male singer having a verbal argument with shoppers at a shopping mall.

It is reported that fans spotted Speed ​​Darlington in the supermarket and approached him to take pictures, due to his celebrity status. However, he allegedly asked for a fee of N5,000 for a photo with him.

This seems to have angered shoppers, who have criticized him for his boldness in demanding money for a simple photo. They also berated him and questioned his relevance and identity in society.

As tensions escalated in the supermarket, Speed ​​Darlington, known for its vulgar language, did not hesitate to offend fans.

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