Morgan Bauer Missing Update 2023: Warren Arrested With Three Felonies Charges

Morgan Bauer missing case is again in the limelight with a new development as two people have been arrested. Here’s more update regarding the missing case.

Morgan Bauer was a then 19-year-old girl from Minneapolis, MN, who has been missing since February 2016. It’s been more than six years since her disappearance, and Bauer has not been found yet.

Due to that, every one of her family members is worried, but they still hope that Bauer may get located. Apart from that, the investigation regarding Bauer’s vanishment continues.

Recently, a new development has been seen in the case, which came as a bit of relief to the family as two people have been arrested in an alleged connection to Morgan’s missing.

Morgan Bauer Missing Update 2023

As of 2023, Morgan Bauer has not been found yet, but there is a new development in her missing case. Two people have been arrested in connection to the disappearance of Morgan.

A police report has shown that the investigation into the missing Bauer is still active, and they are doing their best. Not to mention, she vanished shortly after she moved from South Dakota to Atlanta in February 2016.

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As said earlier, her family still hopes that their daughter will be found soon. Morgan’s mother, Sherri Keenan, recently said that she wouldn’t give up until she found the answers she needed in her daughter’s vanishment.

Furthermore, she has also said that the sudden movement in her child’s case would unveil something big. 

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Morgan Bauer Missing Case: Warren Arrested With Three Felonies Charges

As said earlier, a new update on the missing Morgan Bauer has been . Two people named Katelyn Goble and Johnathan Alexander Warren have reportedly been arrested.

Warren was arrested in Los Angeles, CA, on multiple charges. It has been noted that he is facing charges related to murder, aggravated assault, covering a death, and tampering with evidence.

On the other hand, the second person, Goble, was arrested in Peoria, IL, on the charges of concealing a death and tampering with proof.

On July 27, 2023, the FBI, GBI, and Porterdale Police Department led a massive search of a home on South Broad Street. The new evidence led them to that property, and they got a search warrant.

Is Morgan Bauer Alive or Dead?

It remains unclear whether Morgan Bauer is dead or alive. She has been missing since 2016 and has not been found yet. She vanished after she moved from South Dakota to Atlanta.

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According to a , Bauer was last seen near a park in Porterdale before missing just two weeks later. The last time Morgan’s friends and family reached out to her was on February 25.

Police said they now believe the young girl was killed and her body was dumped. Apart from that, Bauer was described as having her ears gauged and her lip pierced twice. 

She also had several tattoos, including a sun moon near her right shoulder inside a Celtic creation. Furthermore, the case is still active, and the investigators will surely give more updates on the missing case of Morgan Bauer. 

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