Moment Speaker Tajudeen Abbas’ first wife shoved his 2nd wife aside during his swearing-in (Video below)

A light drama occurred during the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected Speaker of the House, Tajudeen Abbas.

The legislator was taking the oath of office with his second wife standing behind him when the first wife stormed to the podium and kicked her out of the scene.

A video that has gone viral shows the moment the first wife walks onto the stage and uses her body to push the second wife aside as she sits behind her husband.

A man can be seen at the side when the play happens talking to the first wife who cannot be heard after she takes the place of the second wife.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the National Assembly, Sani Tambuwal, was sworn in before Tajudeen Abbas as Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, on Tuesday.

Elected members elected Abbas of the Radical General Assembly (APC) as the 10th Speaker of the House of Representatives at their inauguration in Abuja on June 13, 2023.

In entertainment news, Nigerian musician Darlington Okoye aka Speed ​​Darlington says he can’t just marry one woman.

He said this while presenting on The Honest Bunch podcast, adding that a man shouldn’t be with a woman.

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Akpi, as he was affectionately known, said there were too many temptations to be with a wife he couldn’t handle.

Humans, he said, only force themselves to accept the principle of monogamy because we see ourselves as superior to animals.

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