“Mercy Chinwo charges N10 million to perform in churches” – Rev. Fr. Oluoma reveals as he speaks about churches turning worship into entertainment

Nigerian cleric, Rev. Fr. Oluoma, asserted that churches turned worship into entertainment.

The pastor confirmed this in a recent sermon at his church.

In the lecture, Fr. Oluoma revealed that gospel singers charge millions of dollars just to lead a 10-minute worship service in a church.

Citing the example of famous Nigerian gospel singer Mercy Chinwo, he revealed that she charges up to N10M to perform in the church.

“We have made religious worship expensive. If I had to bring Mercy Chinwo here to sing, how much would I have to pay? How much do you think she will charge? 10 million naira. Then I would have to collect money from church members to pay her.

These are the tragedies that we have brought into the church. An artist will go to a church to serve for 10 million or 5 million, and that’s too much. I have no objection to paying her; you have to pay her because you invited her. I said.

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