“Medical misogyny is disgusting” – Twitter users slam Ugandan doctor for telling feminists to get pregnant as fibroids love dormant uterus

A Ugandan doctor, Ssrunjogi Emma, ​​has been accused by netizens of belittling women in healthcare for insinuating that women get fibroids from not using their uterus.

According to him, young women must be pregnant and not empty the uterus to prevent fibroids.

He wrote;

“When you’re trying to scare men and are an active feminist, don’t forget to get pregnant because Fibroids really love a dormant uterus. The good thing is that they are not cancerous but have their own complications including infertility, recurrent miscarriages, etc.”

Netizens disagreed with his medical diagnosis and criticized him for using his expert knowledge to lead people astray.

“This is contempt for women in medicine, the use of medical means to maintain, assert or achieve harmful patriarchal norms to control and harm women. As a result, women are often underdiagnosed, over-prescribed, and under-investigated.” a user wrote.

“The disregard for women in healthcare is a disgusting thing to witness in real time because this bastard could have just posted useful information about Fibroids. but no, it’s what feminists decide to do with their bodies that’s his problem,” another Twitter user wrote.

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