MD Confirms Unveiled Aircraft Was Hired Ethiopia Flight

Nigeria Air CEO Captain Dayo Olumide has confirmed that the Nigerian Aircraft launched by the Muhamadu Buhari Government is a much-talked-about plane from Ethiopia chartered for a few days to display the logo for Nigerians and their shareholders.

Captain Dayo revealed this when he appeared before the Senate committee on Aviation to clear up the controversy surrounding the Airline being incorporated a day before the end of his final term.

He added that the plane coming and going was a legal charter flight that could be taken by anyone without a license as long as you paid for it.

He noted that, for Nigeria to operate an aircraft, that aircraft must be registered in Nigeria.

He added that the particular plane revealed was unregistered and arrived in Nigeria with a few days of clearance from Ethiopia and was returned after use.

He added that Nigeria only has an airport license which is one of two required to operate an airline and does not allow one to carry out commercial service activities.

The MD further revealed that in order for Nigeria Air to obtain the necessary license, Nigeria must have three aircraft before the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority issues a flight permit for the country and the three aircraft must be registered aircraft of the Nigerian Air Force. Nigeria.

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According to him, there are five stages or steps that a person has to go through to get a license and Nigeria is still in stage one of the process.

While reacting to some reports that the passengers on board
purchased tickets, MD denied that the passengers were Ethiopian Airlines employees who were brought in and at the end of the launch returned to their plane to Ethiopia

Captain Dayo, with 40 years of experience in operating the airline, further confirmed that he was appointed in February 2022, to ensure the airline’s operating certificate and not to operate the airline.

He added that Nigeria has not yet had the time to operate the airline, as Nigeria Air does not have a terminal for international operations.

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