Massive brawl breaks out after Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III exhibition fight

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. show tour got off to a great start on Sunday and we literally mean it. When things started to go wrong for Mayweather in the sixth round of their boxing competition, he was competing against John Gotti III, a boxer who had previously competed in mixed martial arts. The two had engaged in small talk throughout the fight until the referee, Kenny Bayless, finally intervened and stopped the fight to tell them to stop.

However, this was unsuccessful and Gotti began swinging towards Mayweather after the delay which saw almost 60 people enter the ring. Mayweather and Gotti’s records would in no way be affected, regardless of the outcome of the fight; nevertheless, the former had shown no signs of sweating during the action. Although there were no official judges present to score the rounds, MMAFighting allowed Mayweather to win all five rounds before the championship round.

It was Floyd Mayweather’s first exhibition fight since February, when he faced and defeated Aaron Chalmers, a former reality TV figure from the UK. The 46-year-old fighter ended his professional career with a perfect 50-0 record, including 27 knockout wins. His most recent fight, which took place in 2017, was against Conor McGregor. Gotti, 30, was 5-1 in professional mixed martial arts competition before switching to boxing and going 2-0 ahead of the exhibition bout against Mayweather.

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