Man who took girlfriend to his hometown cries out after catching her at the top of a tree (Video below)

A Nigerian man bringing his girlfriend home was surprised after she ran away from home to climb trees in the village.

In the video, the young man screams in amazement as he wonders how the girl was able to easily climb so many trees.

“Darling down the tree, you just go to the village where everyone climbs the tree, this is how you married Tarzan. It’s only been 2 weeks and she’s already climbing a tree, oh my god abegoo.” caption of the video read.

The video went viral quickly, with many commenting on the pair’s unique relationship. While some find it amusing, others are concerned for the girl’s safety.

mariejoel001 said: “She will now keep the innocent face Na that a person will make me weak inside.”

joycepatrick430 said: “This is special when I see a mango tree.”

Mercysexy232 commented: “It was her expression that immediately came down from the tree that made me angry.”

zamani__exchange222 said: “She lives in zazoo zoo.”

mz borlah said: “He said Na Tarzan he got married.”

nicole_chukwu responded: “A relationship without Dey has passed 2 weeks.”

small_vado_dmw said: “Turzan mood trigger.”

prechis_glam reacted: “Oya come down from there for me.”

funnybouncy reacted: “Even the mobile way baaboo itself can’t reach this Abeg god.”

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