Man narrates how multiple mishaps occurred after he impregnated 3 students at the same time

A Kenyan man has shared the intricate story of how his life was turned upside down when three girls were in the same school at the same time.

He revealed, the incident happened when he was still a student and had to postpone a school year to take care of a girl.

The guy known on Twitter as @atebe_sir, while he was taking care of each other, got into an accident when she was five months old and she lost the twins she was carrying.

He said that the third girl dropped out of school, disappeared with the child, and that he has never seen her or their child since.

But the climax of things was when the first girl was born, he discovered the child was not his.

He wrote; “I got three girls pregnant at the same time.

Differs in 1 school year to take care of one of the girls.

A person miscarried at 5 months due to an accident.

One child dropped out of school and has disappeared until now.

The one I chose was born and it’s not my baby!”

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