Man goes berserk, swims in muddy water because Portable replied his DM (Video below)

A Nigerian man who has been filmed raving about popular street artist, Portable has responded to his message on IG.

The young man who is a content creator had previously sent the male singer a message, but he did not reply until recently.

He said he checked his Instagram DM the day before and saw a message from star Zazuu.

In the clip going viral on social media, he screams and jumps for joy after his favorite singer finally acknowledges him.

The over-excited guy rolled in the dirty water, got up, knelt down and continued his usual sae.

He shared a screenshot of the message, in which Portable sent him “Hello” along with a love emoji.

The content creator captioned the post: “God, you are the best. Really we will help you Don’t stress..My Oga!! Zazu of Africa is here for me. I do not cry tired… tears of joy”

Watch the video below:

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