Man emotional following release from prison after 14 years (Video below)

A young Nigerian man expresses his deep gratitude to be said to have regained his freedom again after 14 years in prison.

A video going viral on social media has captured the horrifying experience of a man who cannot adequately describe the joy of tasting his freedom after more than a decade behind bars.

In the video, he can be heard talking about the transformation of the Oshodi area of ​​Lagos State, where he claims to have slept under a bridge at some point.

According to him, his release was due to the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who pardoned several prisoners.

“Everywhere remains the same, take a look under the Oshodi Bridge before we sleep. I built such a bird’s nest at night; na iron dem take the building. 14 years in prison is no small thing.

“Thanks God! Na Sanwo Olu release me. Since 2009! I love Oshodi like this, I can’t believe it. I thank god for my freedom. Glory is god; if I don’t thank God, I’ll say I’m being ungrateful to someone, he said in the video.

However, he called for celebration from his fans when he finally got a taste of freedom again. He captioned the video, “Getting out of prison after 14 years, I can’t believe I’m a free man now. Please congratulate me, my fan.”

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Reaction after the man was released from prison

@frantuba0175 said: “You’ve been in prison for 14 years and you have fans?? With the blackberry we use before you go to jail, how disappointed will the fans be ”

@naijabet said: “Awww Congratulations. There is nothing like freedom.”

@soberdrunk8 said: “See how fresh he is? What particular prison did he come out from??”

@priscillia_oluchi_ wrote: “Congratulations. We pledge that those in prison must suffer because of what they know nothing about or because of misidentification, may God in His merciful invitation facilitate their speedy release under in the name of Jesus.👏❤️”

Watch the video below…

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