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Actor Ly Hung, a famous name in the Vietnamese film industry, recently revealed his gender and plans to get married at the age of 54.

Biography of actor Ly Hung The actor of the famous movie village in Vietnam. Ly Hung is a famous actor on the small screen in Vietnam. He has had a remarkable acting career and is loved by the audience. On the surface, Ly Hung is an outstandingly talented movie star, but little is known about his life and career journey.

Actor Ly Hung Biography: History and real name

Actor Ly Hung, whose real name is Ly Van Hoang, was born on February 22, 1969. He started his acting career in the early 1990s and quickly became a familiar face on Vietnamese screens. .

Actor Ly Hung and acting career

He was born and raised in a house with 5 brothers, the girls and the brother are all successful people in life with different professions such as businessman, singer, director and actor.

Ly Hung has acted in over 90 films throughout his career. He starred in many successful films such as “Pham Cong – Cuc Hoa”, “Tears of a student”, “Tay Son is proud”, and many other works. With outstanding acting talent, he has received many awards and is highly appreciated by audiences and professionals.

At the same time, the guy was considered the brightest actor in the Vietnamese film industry at that time, with his salary level being quite terrible, the number was up to 20 gold trees for a movie of his life. At the end of the day, it’s not much inferior to Hollywood stars.

Thanks to that, he also became the first actor to appear in films with cooperation with Hong Kong cinema such as: Red Pirate, Special Police, Plan 99, …

How is actor Ly Hung attached to People’s Artist Ly Huynh?

Ly Hung’s biography cannot fail to mention that the respected People’s Artist is Ly Huynh, his father. It can be said that Ly Huynh had a profound influence on his son himself. Thanks to that, the 52-year-old actor still retains the most genuine acting with any movie he participates in.

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People's Artist Ly Huynh wears a red plaid shirt with actor Ly Hung
People’s Artist Ly Huynh wears a red plaid shirt with actor Ly Hung

His father, whose real name is Ly Kim Tuyen, is known as an outstanding martial artist of Vietnam, and is honored to be ranked in the ranks of “Nam Ky quartet called the 4 stars of Cochinchina of the South before liberation in 1975.

Once publicly experienced the legend of Chinese martial arts and the world is Bruce Lee (Lee Tieu Long). He is the creator of the “Bagua Continuum” technique, which means that this move throws people in the air at the same time, performing 8 beautiful kicks at the opponent.

Movies starring Ly Hung

Consecutively from 1991 to 1999, the male artist was voted as “Most Favorite Actor” and “Lovely Actor” by Youth and Labor Newspapers. Dozens of his roles have left many beautiful impressions on the audience.

Besides, he is also recognized by the Vietnam Record Book as the actor who has played the most leading roles in Vietnamese films in more than 50 films.

Here are some films in which the male artist has acted:

  • Phuong (1982)
  • Peaceful place where birds sing (1986)
  • Pham Cong – Cuc Hoa (as Pham Cong) (1989)
  • Tears of a Student (as Hung) (1993)
  • Tay Son is proud (as Nguyen Hue) (2010)
  • People without surnames (as Truong Soi) (1990)
  • About the land of Thang Long (as Ly Cong Uan) (2010)
  • Heaven is with us (2010)
  • Unjustly (2011)
  • Rice Isle (Dr. Danh) (2011)
  • Perfect Confrontation (2012)
  • Gentleman’s War (2014)
  • Words of Repentance (2014)
  • One-of-a-kind Class (2014)
  • Dawn on the Fire (2014)
  • A law office (2015)
  • Crocodile Farm (2015)
  • The Boss (2015)
  • Swear not to fall (2015)
  • Men’s School (2015)
  • Skyline (2016)
  • Fateful Merge (2016)
  • Countryman (2017)

Actor Ly Hung on the titles achieved

With the successive resounding successes coming to him, it was only a matter of time before collecting the titles. Sweeping countless titles in terms of acting, highly appreciated by many experts today, with the hospitality of the home audience, many successes came to Ly Hung.

  • From 1991-1999, the owner of the title “Lovely Actor”, “Most Favorite Actor” voted by Youth and Nguoi Lao Newspapers. Most of the main characters make a strong impression on the audience.
  • Setting a record for a Vietnamese actor to play the most leading roles in more than 50 films, this record is recorded in the Vietnamese record book.
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Personal and family life

Despite being a famous star, Ly Hung has always kept his personal life private and not public about family matters. Currently, he still does not have a home of his own and has no official information about his personal life.

He believes that each person wants to have a separate home, with his wife and children even. He used to love and break up, but still lonely.

After experiencing love, he realizes that everything is in fate and each person has different circumstances, so he has to accept that.

Family is the top priority in Ly Hung’s life. He always thought of his parents and brothers first. People can be happy with a small nest, but Ly Hung finds joy in family meals.

With his current age, this male artist attaches great importance to family values, especially when his parents and family are harmonious and happy. Everyone has their own definition of happiness and is not the same.

Moreover, Ly Hung does not like to publicize his love story and does not want to share it, because he thinks that the women next to him will be hurt. He doesn’t want to affect their lives if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Sometimes, he also has to deal with rumors about gender, but he just laughs and doesn’t care. He claims that he is “100% standard”.

In the love story, Ly Hung does not fight and always takes the time to get to know the object thoroughly. Age and confrontation with society were not important to him. He just wanted a companion to share the joys and sorrows of life with.

The actor said, many people ask him why he is still unmarried, but: “I am also an ordinary person like many others in society, I also want to have my own family. I have also unfinished a few relationships, but perhaps have a predestined relationship but not yet. Even today I’m still single, but I don’t feel sad because next to me I have my family, parents, brothers and work.

If asked when I will have a family, I can’t answer for sure, I don’t know this year, next year or next year. I do not declare, I rarely share in the press about love, I don’t tell anyone I know. I don’t think so, because if we break up, everything will be very smooth.”

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Referring to the ideal woman, Ly Hung said, he does not require registration for his family because his family is also full. He wants his wife to be cute, it’s okay to be ugly (insult). “My wife must be a Mo Hoang, sharing with her lover, empathy, especially being faithful is what I need” – Ly Hung expressed.

Not stopping there, Ly Hung also said that he has a lover, but he has never declared it because he is not married. “You doubt my gender, but I claim to be an X-Men. And what anyone says, I don’t care.” Now, when the heyday has passed, the 54-year-old actor still makes many people admire when he owns a huge fortune.

Before that, there was some information that was paired for him with other female actors such as Viet Trinh; Diem Huong; Y Phung. The person who rowed with him the most could be said to be another famous female movie star of the same time as Viet Trinh. She is U50 like Ly Hung but her beauty has not changed, becoming more and more salty even though she has been on a flower car once and has a son.

Ly Hung was once rumored to be Viet Trinh's lover
Ly Hung was once rumored to be Viet Trinh’s lover

Another person who is also associated with him is the female star Diem Huong, the female lead plays with the handsome and talented actor in the movie “Pham Cong – Cuc Hoa”. But in the end, Ly Hung was still alone.

In the hearts of people, “This white horse prince who only has a pink shadow is actress Y Phung, now she has a happy home. But until now the actor has always kept her image in his heart.

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