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What do you think about Ecuador Assassination video. QUITO, Aug 10 (Reuters) – Fernando Villavicencio, an Ecuadorian presidential hopeful and outspoken opponent of corruption and organized crime, met a tragic end during a campaign event on Wednesday. The surge of violence in the Andean country, attributed to narcotics traffickers, is alarming.

Reports indicate that around 30 shots were discharged at a gathering in Quito’s northern region. Social media videos display Villavicencio entering a vehicle post-event, followed by audible shots and cries.

Despite multiple attempts, Ecuador’s Interior Ministry and police remained unresponsive about the incident’s specifics. However, the departing President, Guillermo Lasso, verified the safe detonation of an explosive left by the assailants.

Labeling the act as terroristic political crime, Lasso is convinced that it’s an endeavor to undermine the election. After a late-night conference with electoral and security officials, he shared his sentiments.

Lasso announced a three-day mourning period, coupled with a state of emergency. Assuring that military intervention will bolster security, he confirmed the election would proceed as scheduled on Aug. 20.

The attorney general revealed that one of the suspects in the attack succumbed to injuries from an ensuing gunfight. The turmoil wounded nine, inclusive of a legislative candidate and two law enforcers.

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The office further disclosed the arrest of six individuals linked to the incident, apprehended during Quito raids.


The present administration, under Lasso, attributes the escalating street and prison violence to internal disputes among criminals. These disputes are over control of trafficking channels, utilized by various international cartels for narcotics transportation.

In the ongoing presidential race, voters are gravely concerned about safety, along with employment and migration matters.

Villavicencio, with an anti-corruption and tax evasion agenda, had 7.5% support in polls, placing him fifth among eight contenders.

Villavicencio’s party, Movimiento Construye, reported an armed assault on its Quito premises in an unrelated episode. The party hinted at recent talks regarding campaign suspension, citing political violence and a mayor’s assassination in July.

Villavicencio, opposing the halt, believed that silence during times when criminals target citizens and officials equates to cowardice.

Ecuador Assassination Video

Ecuador Assassination Video

The candidate, who previously served as a union representative and later a journalist, had just submitted a report on an oil enterprise to the attorney general. The report’s content remains undisclosed.

Originating from Chimborazo in the Andes, Villavicencio was once a unionist at Petroecuador, the state’s oil firm. As a journalist, he exposed purported significant financial losses in oil contracts.

Spontaneous demonstrations condemning the killing were held in various locations, including Villavicencio’s birthplace, Alausi.


Famously opposing ex-President Rafael Correa, Villavicencio faced 18 months’ incarceration for allegedly defaming him.

He sought refuge in Indigenous Ecuadorian regions and subsequently gained asylum in Peru.

Correa, currently residing in Belgium, remarked on the nation’s deterioration on a social platform, warning against further animosity.

As a legislator, Villavicencio received backlash for allegedly hindering President Lasso’s impeachment earlier this year, prompting Lasso to call for snap elections.

The incident horrified other presidential contenders.

“Such events sadden us all. My condolences to his loved ones and followers. Justice will be served,” said Luisa Gonzalez, another candidate from Correa’s party.

Yaku Perez, an Indigenous candidate, momentarily paused his campaign after the tragedy, urging for the violence to cease.

Perez disclosed ongoing discussions with fellow contenders about a potential security agreement.

Addressing the government, candidate Otto Sonnenholzner stressed the urgency of combatting crime at a media event.

Reiterating the imperative of a forceful stance against crime, Jan Topic, another presidential hopeful, expressed his condolences and subsequently suspended his campaign.

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