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On June 12, Lam Tam Nhu and her daughter, Little Dolphin, appeared in a behind-the-scenes video taken for charity in a public benefit program launched by singer Truong Thanh Phuong. This is the first time the Hong Kong actress has publicly revealed her daughter’s appearance.

First public

Since Little Dolphin was born, Lam Tam Nhu and Huo Kien Hoa have never officially announced the appearance of their daughter. Appearing in this video marks an important step in the work of sharing with the public about family life.

However, Lam Tam Nhu still remains cautious and chooses a photo angle that does not reveal her daughter’s face. She also covers her face when taking family photos. The purpose is to protect girls’ privacy and ensure that girls can grow up innocent.

Lam Tam Nhu made her daughter Dolphin publicly known for the first time.
Lam Tam Nhu made her daughter Dolphin publicly known for the first time.

Exhibition in Taiwan

The photo series of Lam Tam Nhu and her daughter will be exhibited in Taiwan, starting from June 14. This is an opportunity for the audience to admire and discover more about the family life of the famous actress and her beautiful daughter.

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Besides Lam Tam Nhu, there are many other artists participating in this charity program, including Ella, Luu Nhuoc Anh, Lam Hy Loi and Tu Nhuoc Tuyen. This is a meaningful event, bringing together support for those in need in society.

The focus of the media

Over the years, Lam Tam Nhu and Huo Kien Hoa have always wanted to affirm that a daughter can grow up in a natural environment and is not affected by the reputation of her parents. So they asked the media to cover up their daughter’s forgery.

However, the fact that the image of her daughter accidentally appeared on her birthday in February caused great frustration for the actress. She criticized the media and asked: “Is it difficult for everyone to have important things to protect and respect the privacy of others?”.

Lam Tam Nhu cleverly chose the angle to avoid revealing her daughter's face.
Lam Tam Nhu cleverly chose the angle to avoid revealing her daughter’s face.

Girl’s cuteness

Lam Tam Nhu’s daughter named Anh is Amelia and was born on June 1, 2017. Husband Huo Kien Hoa always gives a lot of love and special attention to his daughter. Every time it’s her birthday, Lam Tam Nhu always buys precious jewelry to give and as a dowry for her son. Little Dolphin is only 6 years old but already owns a fortune of tens of millions of dollars worth of jewelry and other valuable items such as designer handbags and gilded utensils.

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Who is Lam Tam Nhu?

Lam Tam Nhu is a famous actress, singer and model who has been a key player in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Born on August 4, 1976, she is known for her successful career and glamorous beauty.

Before becoming an actress, Lam Tam Nhu participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1993 and won 2nd runner-up. This success opened the door for her in the entertainment industry and she began to be invited to participate. Acting in TV series and movies.

How is Lam Tam’s career?

Lam Tam Nhu’s acting career is famous through films such as “Nhat Thong Tam Bat” (1998), “Missing” (2000) and “Paris Love Story” (2012). She has received many prestigious awards during her career, including the Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Best Actress Award at the Golden Horse Awards.

In addition to acting, Lam Tam Nhu also has a career in singing and modeling. She has released several music albums and participated in stage performances. Lam Tam Nhu is also a famous model and appeared in leading fashion magazines.

Lam Tam Nhu’s spouse

Regarding marriage, Lam Tam Nhu was married to actor Huo Kien Hoa in 2013. They had a pair of daughters named Amelia, born in 2017. However, in 2018, they announced their marriage. . and terminator after year general life.

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Lam Tam Nhu and her husband.
Lam Tam Nhu and her husband.

Despite experiencing many ups and downs in her personal life, Lam Tam Nhu continues to work in the entertainment industry and continues to build her career with her talents and efforts. She is admired for her charming looks and talented acting ability, and is the symbol of the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

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