Jennifer Burrows Arrested- How Is Her Child Now?

The news that Jennifer Burrows was arrested after giving birth to a man has attracted the attention of many social media users.

Mortuary worker Jennifer Burrows was arrested after DNA tests showed her infant was born through cadaver sex with a dead man she should have autopsied . test.

In addition, this woman is also accused of abusing dozens of corpses in the past two years.

As the news spreads on social media, people are wondering if this report is real or fake. Find out how accurate the report is.

Jennifer Burrows
Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Burrows Arrested And Charged: Debunking the Fake News

The internet has been abuzz with reports of Jennifer Burrows’ arrest after allegedly giving birth to a deceased man’s child. However, it is important to note that this news is entirely false and originated from a satirical website called “World News Daily Report” back in October 2016. Despite being a fictional article, it has resurfaced and gained attention on various social media platforms.

The bizarre and intriguing nature of the story captured the curiosity of many, leading to the creation of memes and posts around it. But it is crucial to distinguish fact from fiction.

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In fact, this is not the first time such a story has circulated. In November 2010, another satirical website called “Dead Serious News” published a similar article about a mortuary worker becoming pregnant after having intercourse with a deceased individual she was burying. It appears that “World News Daily Report” recycled this storyline and developed the narrative of Jennifer Burrows’ arrest.

While the satirical website does include a disclaimer stating that all characters and situations are fictional, the captivating nature of the news often prompts individuals to share it without thoroughly examining its authenticity.

The disclaimer on the website clarifies the satirical nature of the content:

“World News Daily Report assumes full responsibility for its articles’ satirical nature and fictional content. All characters in the articles on this website, including those based on real persons, are entirely fictional.”

Furthermore, the disclaimer humorously adds that any resemblance between the characters and real individuals, living, dead, or undead, would be nothing short of a miracle.

It is crucial to exercise caution and verify the credibility of news sources before sharing information, as misleading and fake news can easily circulate and create confusion. Stay informed and rely on reputable sources for accurate and verified news.

Jennifer Burrows Age: How old is the morgue worker?


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Jennifer Burrows Age: How old is the morgue worker?
Jennifer Burrows Age: How old is the morgue worker?

The fictional character Jennifer Burrows, as mentioned in the prank article, has no real age because she doesn’t actually exist.

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However, the article states that she is a 26-year-old morgue worker from Kansas City, USA.

Since this is a work of fiction, the article provides specifics about Jennifer Burrows to create a sense of authenticity.

The age mentioned in the Fake News article is 26 years old. (Image source: TheNetline)
The inclusion of her age is part of the story intended to make the story more believable.

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