“It is organized crime” – Peter Obi details how he would have removed fuel subsidy if he were the president

The Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate in the February 25 election, Peter Obi, broke his silence on the highly criticized move to remove the subsidy for Premium Motor Spirit, and called gasoline, which has sent fuel prices soaring and raised the cost of domestic goods and services.

Obi, spoke to judicial reporters at the Court of Appeals, where the Court of Appeals for Presidential Elections takes place on Tuesday, June 6.

Obi said instead of doing a “drastic removal”, he would introduce “various easing policies” to lessen the effects of the subsidy removal.

“I have actually been advocating for the abolition of subsidies since the days of President Goodluck Jonathan, when I was a member of the Economic Management team,” he said. he tweeted.

“If you have been following me very well since I was a member of Jonathan’s economic management team, I have consistently argued that subsidies should be eliminated because I consider it organized crime.

“People are just stealing the country’s resources, and I’ve shown it experimentally in my statistical analysis that we don’t consume the amount of fuel they claim we do.”

Obi made an analogy when extracting a “toothache” tooth, saying, “If you go to the dentist to have a sore tooth extracted, he will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth so you don’t feel any pain.

“Extracting strong teeth is not the same, the pain will be different. As for me, I will follow the dentist’s method and support the extraction of the tooth because I don’t want to suffer the pain of having to have it removed.”

“Recall that even if Jonathan’s government wanted to get rid of it, they introduced many mitigation policies like Sure-P and others. If you read my manifesto, you will see clearly how I planned to get rid of the subsidy. I will rule with the people and show them statistically and empirically what we will save, and what we will do using the money saved to improve the lives of the people. people who are suffering.

“The problem in Nigeria is that the government often tells the masses that they have to suffer and sacrifice for a better future; but in the future things will get worse.” he added.

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