“Is this what Nigerian women deal with?” – Dubai-based Nigerian lady asks after man who earns N200k told her to leave her N34m per annum job to marry him

A Nigerian woman living in Dubai recounted how a man earning N200,000 offered her to give up a job of N34 million per year to marry him.

The woman, identified as @RejiYates on Twitter, took to the microblogging platform on Tuesday, May 6, to share her experience.

She testified that the man who knew her parents asked if he could talk to them about marrying her, but she refused because she was not interested in him and because his income was low.

In response to her excuse, he allegedly asked her if she was willing to quit her high-paying job for love because he believed that women were not allowed to earn more than their husbands.

The woman, who was surprised by his statement, questioned whether this was the manner in which Nigerian women were subjected from their male colleagues.

Read her full post below,

Am I wrong here? No big deal.

A guy in Nigeria who knows my family asked if he could talk to my parents about marriage and I said no. I have no interest in marrying him.

He asked why and I have my reasons. He focuses on financial reasons.

I’m simply saying that we’re not in the same financial position and I don’t think that’s fair to either of us.

One, I don’t want to limit my lifestyle and he doesn’t need to be pressured to earn extra money. It’s just not fair to both of us imo

He asked if I would give up my job for love and I said no. I explained that I love my job, it’s what makes me happy and makes me who I am. It’s also part of my personal brand so it simply can’t go.

You say my reasoning is not realistic

He gave me an annual salary of his in naira, around 100,000 – 200,000, which was fine and I was told it wasn’t bad. That’s what he earns and good for him.

I gave me the amount in naira 28 million – 34 million and he said I can’t earn more than my husband.

I called him insecure and he said that a man is supposed to be a service provider and there is nothing unsafe about it. So I told him to go and provide for someone in his frame.

He couldn’t provide for me so he said he would report me to his family.

Sorry am I wrong? Cause

I don’t care if he reports me because my family will justifiably laugh. The mentality of being alone is even crazy. Why can’t I earn more and why would I give up that salary and go to work?

He said women today want to be like men.

Is this what Nigerian women deal with?

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