Ibadan Chef Temitope Adebayo announces plan to undertake 140 hours cook-a-thon

In an attempt to reach the Guinness World Record for longest cooking time, Ibadan chef Temitope Adebayo has announced plans to run a 140-hour cooking competition.

Chef reveals plans to topple Chef Hilda Baci, who just finished the 100-hour cooking contest, and Chef Dammy, who is currently battling to complete the 120-hour cooking contest.

The chef shared more screenshots of his Guinness World Records registration and a screenshot of the verification email he received.

From the photos, it can be seen that his 140-hour cooking competition is set for November 1, 2023 in Ibadan, Oyo State.

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Gossipmillnaija wrote: “Just to enter: Another chef in Ibadan Temitope Adebayo plans to do a 140-hour cooking competition.”

Reacting to the post,

gabriiii__ella commented: “All these Ibadans are 😂”

duchessomoh wrote: “Let me tell you the history.
This is what yoruba do, they steal everyone’s ideas and add to the original and claim to be the first. Like afrobeat, they declare Fela the king of afrobeat. Meanwhile Fela got ideas from some ancient Benin musicians like Victor Uwaifo.

“But he was louder, smoked Igbo and had a lot of women. He was able to gain support from the Yoruba people’s wishes to make him more popular. It’s like Davido collected flowers that weren’t his and his people are supporting him.”

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ella._pretty6 said: “What do you want to do when you break a record? Abi make I sm0ke💨 for 2 weeks without food”ella._pretty6 said: “What do you want to do when you break the record? Abi made me sm0ke💨 for 2 weeks straight without food”

izzy_whale said: “All Una dey are crazy, do you have to do what others did”

icon.gramm commented: “After that, let’s say that poor governance is our problem”

davidoriazowan reacted: “Ibadan people and record 5 & 6..
Very soon, everyone in Ibadan will be setting a Guinness world record.”

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