“I will cry” – Mother heartbroken as her twin babies spill her palm oil

A mother was heartbroken as she watched her twin children spill a quart of her palm oil.

TikTok user Hajja Husnah Dubai posted a video showing a lot of palm oil flowing on the floor like water.

It’s not clear how the children got to the gallon of oil, but the video shows one of them clutching it and trying desperately to lift it.

The oil was spilled by the children before the video was recorded. The two of them are seen next to the flowing oil.

The two children are girls. The way they looked at the camera showed that they didn’t know they did something bad. Luckily, the kids didn’t step on the oil.

Some TikTok users fear that they will fall if they do. Annotated video: “Only mom can be involved.”

TikTok users are reacting to the oil spill video. Many people expressed sympathy for the mother after the incident.

@tranquille97 said: “May God lay his hands on my heart”.

@trishaekong commented: “Imagine cleaning it up gives me a headache.”

@kkaojeskincareorganic says: “Ah! What should I do? Na joined them and started to cry.

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