“I send money home every month”

A woman making a living abroad has been screaming on social media about what the child she left behind in her homeland looks like.

According to her, she works day and night in Saudi Arabia to improve her children and is not satisfied with his current condition.

The woman, identified as Rina, said it was neighbors who sent her the video of her baby. She said she sent money home for the child’s upkeep.

Reacting to some comments welcoming her post, the woman explained that she was not allowed to immigrate to Saudi Arabia with her children.

Reaction on social media

user6504831471730 said: “If you have a large family, you don’t send money to your child, but for the whole family to eat and say goodbye to her”.

user90309152136108betty holic said: “God protect our children, no one can take care of us like a real mother.”

“She looks healthy and some people in their village wear nice clothes when they go to church.”

Wacera254 said: “It hurts too but as long as she’s healthy the rest will be fine once you come back.”

Mother Roxie said: “I have a long story about my daughter that I trusted a family member. Long story short nilimchukua, it was the best decision I ever made.

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“When I was little, my grandmother used to keep my clothes for me to wear when guests came and on big days because I had to get them dirty.”

Beautiful Hann ❤ said: “Kasita she is alive, you will come back and clean her up, just keep praying for her mbabi.”

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