“I removed subsidy to free our resources from unpatriotic elements” – Tinubu says

Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu talked about why he eliminated fuel subsidies.

He stated the reason why he announced that he would give up subsidies on the day he took office as President.

Tinubu, while addressing the people of Nigeria on the anniversary of the June 12 Democracy Day, said he came to this decision in order to free the country’s resources from the grip of non-patriotic elements.

He said he felt the pain of Nigerians but that the citizens had to make a little more sacrifices for the survival of our country.

The President also stated that to date fuel subsidies have been pocketed by a number of individuals.

His words,”It is for this very reason that, in my inaugural address on May 29, I implemented my predecessor’s decision in my office to eliminate the fuel subsidy and free up resources. much-needed resources for collective use that have hitherto been pocketed by a few wealthy people.

“I acknowledge that this decision will place an additional burden on many of our people. I feel your pain. This is a decision we must make to save our country from bankruptcy and take our resources from the grip of some unpatriotic elements.

“It pains me to ask you, my fellow citizens, to make a little more sacrifice for the survival of our country. For your trust and confidence in us, I assure you that your sacrifice will not be in vain.

“The government I lead will repay you through massive investment in transport infrastructure, education, regular power supply, health care and other public utilities to improve the quality of life. life”.

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