“I didn’t take my friend’s advise to do yahoo, now he’s wealthy and I’m still poor” – Man expresses regret after 6 years

A Nigerian man whose name is simply Samuel, has revealed that a friend advised him to start an internet scam aka Yahoo Yahoo in 2017, but he refused to do so.

He said that this person is now rich and owns a lot of assets thanks to his fraudulent activities, while he is still broke and severely indebted.

Samuel revealed that his friend built a block of 12 apartments, bought some land and also drove a Lexus worth N8million.

He said that if he had entered the yahoo business six years ago, as his friend requested, he might as well be rich by now and not be a mass debtor.

He wrote; “I regret not doing yahoo when my guy first told me in 2017 that I have not collected better blocks by now. But now I’m in debt and my guy has built 12 apartments, married with kids, has some land and drives a Lexus 8M. I am here sapa wants to kill me and is in debt.”

In related news, the Supreme Court sitting in Gwagwalada, FCT ordered a student, Istifanus Irmiya, to clean the premises of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC for internet fraud.

The EFCC charged Irmiya with two counts of fraud and impersonation.

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The prosecutor, Ms. Taiwo Aromolaran, told the court that the defendant was impersonated at some point in 2022.

Aromolaran said he cheated on his victim by posing as his mistress Clara, a white woman.

She said the convict committed an illegal act, prompting a man named Alex Lexis, a German, to send him 250 Euros which he received via PayPal and Nosh Apps before moving in. his own account is located at Polaris Bank.

Irmiya pleaded guilty and begged the court for leniency.

Delivering his ruling on Thursday, June 8, Judge Aliyu Shafa sentenced Irmiya to clean the grounds of the commission from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily for two weeks.

Shafa also ordered Irmiya to pay a fine of N100,000.

He ordered to burn the cell phone used by the convict to perpetuate the crime.

“I have listened carefully to the defense of the convict and the defense attorney. The rate of scams on the internet through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, among others in the society is very alarming. His first offense is not an excuse for tax exemption.

“The ratio of Yahoo-Yahoo among young people is at an alarming rate. Many offenders always have the mentality of ‘I want to get rich quick’. Putting him in jail could make him tougher,” the judge ruled.

The convict had previously begged the court to be lenient with justice, adding that he would not commit such acts again.

“I want to beg the court for mercy. I am extremely sorry for what I did. I am a changed person now and know the consequences of my criminal behavior.” he say.

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Defense attorney, Chibuike Chima, supported the defendant’s testimony, telling the court that Irmiya had no criminal record and also regretted it.

“Irmiya is the only son in the family and he is applying for admission to the university. He spent a month in custody by the EFCC. The convict showed remorse and truly repented of the crime he had committed by expressing true repentance, he repaid the crime amount of 250 Euros.

“A prisoner is a first-time offender. He has not been convicted of any other crimes of any kind. We call upon my lord to be lenient with justice. We assure this court that in the future the convicted person will behave well.” Chima begged.

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